Sunday, November 02, 2008


Hay Break, Trenton, Florida

  • Hey! Don't forget to vote Tuesday if you haven't already.
  • Hey! I had ice on my JEEP windshield one morning last week!
  • Hey! We sold the Albatross (unlucky very used white 1997 Sebring) last week and the guy didn't haggle the price down!! Good luck to him.
  • Hey! We bought Emma a new cruiser bicycle for college, but I am playing with it until I can get it down to her. (hee hee Emma)
  • Hey! The mantle is shaped, drilled, and finally home from the woodshop class at school. I will be sanding it further today.
  • Hey! The Gators whumped the Dogs!
  • Hey! I'm BBQ'n spare ribs today.
  • Hey! We are finally back to real time. Enjoy your hour.
  • Hey! Bear got a bath and is both fluffy and delicately scented.
  • Hey! Even though I took the plea for used books down months ago, boxes of books for our school library have begun to arrive! Thank you and you know who you are!!!
  • Hey! I have bought one Christmas gift so far.
  • Hey! I think I will be shopping almost entirely on line for major Christmas gifts this year.
  • Hey! I still have not won the lottery ... weird.
  • Hey! We lost our Friday football game, but what a second half comeback ... shut the other team down and turned what looked like a crushing defeat into a close game.
  • Hey! Junior is kicking 45 yard field goals (one 52 yarder) and coach thinks he has college kick potential.
  • Hey! It's homecoming week with daily events, a Friday parade, and of course, the big game. The kids will be off the chain all week. We shall endeavour to persevere.
  • Hey! Got a little bonus due to improved FCAT scores by our students.
  • Hey! Timing chain on the JEEP broke that same day ... cost of repair = bonus amount.
  • Hey! C'est la vie!


Pablo said...

Hey, dandy post.

I was talking to one of my Roundrock neighbors yesterday, and though he's been raising food plot crops on some of his open land, he said he's going to try raising hay next time to sell to the local cattle ranches. If he can sell a crop, he falls into a much lower tax bracket. (He has a lot of land, so that's much more important to him than my mere 80 acres.) Still, I wonder if I could sell a few of my round rocks and call that a crop. Maybe I could drop my taxes a bit too.

threecollie said...

Hey there! So sorry about still more vehicle problems for the FC family...dang.
I missed the book plea, but if there is something still needed in the book department, this place is a sort of a book sanctuary. If there is a flat surface it is piled with books, the book cases having been long since filled and piled upon. If there is something you can use...we would be glad to help out. Amazingly glad in fact.

Sayre said...

Aw man... isn't that always the way???? Congrats on the bonus though - at least you didn't have to go out-of-pocket!

Susan said...

HEY! It's a beautiful time in Georgia with colorful trees and still plenty of green. I'll be posting some good examples this week.

HEY! Gas prices are waaaaay down!

HEY! I've already voted, but I'm still praying.

HEY! Bear is rolling in somethin' while your back is turned.

HEY! Be careful with Emma's bike. :)

HEY! Enjoy your ribs!

Miz S said...

And what happens when your FCAT scores dip? HMMM?

robin andrea said...

Hey! Enjoy that barbecue. We drove home from southern California yesterday in the RAIN!!! Rainbows to the east, rays of sunlight through dark gray clouds to the west. Truly a splendid journey.


Ericka said...

hey! neat post!

hey! location notwithstanding, i am a resident of ohio. my ballot mailed last week.

hey! ice?? yuck! it's looking like i'll have to deal with snow when i go home for thanksgiving. i'm hoping i remember how to drive in it...

hey! bear is probably smelly again by now.

hey! you need books? i have many many books. whatcha need?

and hey! congrats on unloading the albatross!

TROLL said...

Hey, my one CHOMP! per touchdown commitment is going to give me carpal tunnel syndrome.


Anonymous said...

Hey! It has been in the mid-70s in the Black Hills for the past 3 days, no ice on the birdbath!

Hey! It wasn't a timing chain, the Tacoma vs deer score is 1 dead deer, 1 truck with body shop appointment.

Hey! Jack Sparrow is fluffy and fine smelling from a bath too, hope neither of the boys has found something to roll in.

Hey, Taking the Teen-ager with me to vote on Tuesday, good civics lesson, she's voted with me in 16 elections so far.

Caroline in South Dakota

Hey! good for you on the test scores

Aunty Belle said...

Heh...hey /hay time. Swell Post FC!

Gators do us'uns proud!

Emma's Jack-o-lantern is nifty.

Bear is fluffy? So, ah, Fuzzy -wuzzy is now done to fluffy -wuffy?

We need a shot of the mantle, please.

Doan'cha jes' love fall?

(an' I did finally git some books off to yore Cappaccino Corner --sorry, teach, I'se tardy)

Floridacracker said...

Writing a forest management plan and applying for agricultural exemption on Twig forest cut taxes on the 20 acres from $1100 to $67.

Our school library is always looking for more books ... we are grades 6 thru 12 with lots of poor readers so almost anything works. Stay tuned for a new, shorter book donation link.

I know ... not sure to be sad or grateful ... grateful I guess.

Hey, I did (the ribs)!

Miz S,
No bonus and with our recent streak of not makin' the NCLB grade, we are being sent to the woodshed. You can make FCAT progress and still not make NCLB progress due to it's bizarre scoring criteria. Most schools do not make it.

I suppose rain there is pretty special! Glad your ride was memorable.

Be careful in that snow.
All kinds of books are welcome. I'm gonna put up a new book donation address link. Stay tuned.

I hear it was quite the game. We be chompin'.

Good to hear that Jack Sparrow is clean and fresh. Bear still smells pretty good, but it's only day two and he was already in the koi water folly today.
Glad no one was hurt in the deer/Toyotathon!

I do love fall.
Bear is more sleek and smooth I suppose, but he does smell really nice right now. He's pooped out from a day of chicken harassment. The mantle is sanded, stained, and waiting the first protective coat of poly.
Thank you for the books.

SophieMae said...

Hey, way cool hay scene!
Hey, great header, as well... (in case I forgot to mention it already).
Hey, my banana's frozed and my blue butterfly is brown.
Hey, wanna buy an 86 Nissan Stanza wagon? *heh*
Hey, I'm in denial about Christmas's proximity.
Hey, can I win the lottery w/out playing?
Hey, have y'all seen Facing the Giants? Great football movie with an appearance by Mark Richt.
Hey, how do they always know when we have a little extra ca$h?
Hey, stay away, they may weigh hay today... nay, pay day. (Hey, Idano, the hayseed dun it) 8-}

Floridacracker said...

Hey you one funny gal!
Hey, I don't have a clue who Mark Richt is!

Cathy S. said...

I have several boxes of books packed up for you and have been tripping over them for months. Husband and I planned on bringing them to you this summer, but then gas prices went through the roof and we chose to stay close to home. Now, that they are going down, we may just make it there. Rest assured, we will call first and not descend upon you unexpectedly.

Oh, oldest son is entertaining an invitation to make his NPS job in Hawaii permanent. There is a lovely beauty luring him back to Pensacola, so we will see what happens. He is also thinking about that law enforcement school you attended in North Carolina. Closer to home, I mean, Pensacola. ;0)

SophieMae said...

Hey, I didn't know who he was either before the movie. Bet Mrs FC and JR know that he's the dawgs' head coach.

Thunder Dave said...

Hey, That timing chain thing sounds like what always happens to us when we run into what seems like extra $$$$! ;-)

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
Oh what a sweet dilemma, permanent NPS job status in Hawaii and a sweetie in Pensacola.
We should all have such problems!!
He must be good if the NPS is offering career status so soon!
Any time you are up this way, I'd be glad to take those books off your hands.

Yup, they would know.

Isn't it always that way?

Robert V. Sobczak said...

My favorite Van Gogh is his painting of the haystacks. They are one of the great symbols of good country living.

BeeDancer said...

Hey, great post!
Hey, Can't wait for the SEC championship out 'Bama!
Hey, love the smell of a fresh-washed Lab!
Hey! Up with bonus, down with JEEP trouble!

Floridacracker said...

Nothing says country like hay.

Hey, I agree on all counts!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it looks like you been up to a lot!!! Do you travel all over the state? I can smell the hay from here!!!