Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meet The Pig

Here's a more expansive view of our new pig. She has quite the cute little face attached to that nose you saw yesterday.

Bear thinks she is the oddest dog he's ever met ... this is his first pig encounter. I have a little video of the initial meeting, but it has to wait for a faster connection.

For newbie readers, Junior is in FFA and will raise this pig to show in the Suwannee River Livestock Fair in March. By then she will need to be between 230-280 pounds to make it into the fair.

At the fair, pigs are auctioned off at inflated prices to benefit the kids. Local businesses, politicians, and organizations do the bidding. I'm thinking that this year might produce lower bids due to the economy.

Yes, newbies, the auction is the end of our relationship. She is not a pet, even though we will mostly spoil her for the next 4 months.

Bear Meets Pig.
There was lots of barking and it was cool to see Bear all alert with hackles up. He has become a pretty impressive watch dog, with a deep bark.
Still a gentle, goofy, sweet pup underneath though.

The pig took the meeting in stride. The pig farmers had herding collies so she is used to dogs and even though Bear was a lot bigger, the pig was not impressed.

By the way, we took Bear home to St. Augustine for Thanksgiving and even with beaucoup people and food set about on trays at his level, he was angelic. I was a little worried about that ... I had visions of him helping himself off the table or sweeping plates of food off the trays with his amazing tail.

None of that happened though and his Grandparents want him to return often.

Back to the pig ...

I love her face. She may have the neatest face markings of any of the pigs we have raised. The pink mark on her back was to ID her for Jr. The pig farmer is a friend and had picked this one out for Jr.
The boy has connections and knows how to schmooze.

This reposted pic is just for Miz S who had nice things to say about my DNAlings from the Saturday post. I thought she might get a kick of the before pic.


Miz S said...

They look like little stair steps. Very adorable.

I'm looking forward to the video. Do you think Bear knows that he is an internet celebrity?

TROLL said...

The pig's name is Paris.

Mark said...

I think I might have asked this question before, but do you have good cell phone reception there? We were condemned to slow dialup before we got our cell wireless connection. I mean slow even for dialup - I think our phone lines are noisy because they are actually lying exposed in a ditch along the road up our mountain). It is not like DSL or cable, but it is soooo much better than dialup.

threecollie said...

That is one of the nicest looking pigs I have ever are pretty cute too. lol
Seriously that is a wonderful picture of them...very sweet.

Floridacracker said...

Miz S,
I'm finding drool on the keyboard so I think he sneaks up here to check the hit counter when it's a Bear post.
15 minutes of fame in dog time is really a lot.

I get it.

Yes, I was just about to bite on that cell service, and may still do so, but was holding just a bit to see what happens with the whitespace broadband early next year.
I didn't want to sign a 2 year commitment and then a few months from now have whitespace bb available.
Thanks for the input though.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks! They used to be so cute and nice.

Hurricane Teen said...

I still like what somebody suggested last year for a name: Breakfast

Attaching such a name to such a cute face could be rather hard, though :-D
Can't wait to see that video.

SophieMae said...

How adorable! The kids, as well. 8-} Those stairsteps have changed positions since the before pic.

I made the mistake of being in Tallahassee last night. I had forgotten THAT game was going on. No wonder traffic was so light. Apparently, I went through Whataburger just after it ended, coz I was in the drive-thru line a full 30 minutes! They designed it so you can't escape past a certain point. Glad your family was happy... there was no joy in mudville. I heard some people talking about how FSU should have practiced in rain. As good an excuse as any, I reckon. 8-]

Dani said...

You have a beautiful family FC.
And the new little girlie pig is precious.

Cathy S. said...

What was the dogs name on Little Rascals? The pig looks like that dog. Cute kids. Cute young adults. They have good genes. (From Mrs. FC's side, I am sure.)

Floridacracker said...

Yes, Breakfast is a bit blunt. I get too attached to go for names like Ribby or Hamlet.

On the bright side, you got a Whataburger which is always a happy thing to me.

Thanks ... they clean up nice.

Cathy S,
Spot? Butch?
It escapes me now.
Yes, all the good DNA came from Mrs. FC ... I am the necessary balance ... heehee.

who wouda thunk it?? said...

Paris, haha, I like that name. But seriously "Paris" has some mighty impressive hams for a little girl!

Sayre said...

Very cute pig!!!

I thought about taking Revan out to the farm, but his manners leave a little to be desired. Besides, I KNOW he could not resist the chickens, which run free all over the farm. Heck, my son and his cousin got yelled at by my father (in THE VOICE) for chasing chickens. How could I expect my furry goof-ball to behave better?

Laura said...

How about "Cookie?" Something about the markings on her face reminded me of an Oreo cookie.

SophieMae said...

Wasn't the rascals' dog named Petey? (Petie?)

Thunder Dave said...

If it's not too late for "Name that Pig", how about "Ji Rou" (pronounced: Gee Row, with a slight rolling r sound on the row).

Sandcastle Momma said...

That is a seriously cute pig! I've always had a thing for pigs and would have several if I didn't think my neighbor would have a stroke LOL
I personally would name her Penelope. A regal name for such a cute little porkchop LOL

Floridacracker said...

She does have an impressive caboose.

He's welcome to chase my chickens, Bear has them well trained ... flight trained that is.

I'll pass name that along to the grand pig pooba lad.

Sounds good to me ... i couldn't think of it.

What's that mean?

She gets really nervous when you refer to her as porkchop.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Beyonce, or J-lo. Or Fannie. I'm just sayin', about the piggy badonkadonk. Done now.