Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pigs or Cows? ... Pigs.



I know.

I know what you are thinking.

You think I haven't been blogging because I'm just layin' 'round here stuffed full of Thanksgiving feast food ... too full, temporarily fat, and lazy to put fingers to keyboard.

Not hardly, although it sounds delightful.

Except for Thursday, when I did resemble a lazy stuffed gourd sort of guy, I have been really busy. When I finally stop at midnight each night ... it's hard to face the dialup home connection.

The living room is really coming together now. When I finish this post, I'm heading to G'ville to get a few more supplies from Lowes. I'll have the town to myself because 99.89% of the city will be glued to their sets watching the only game that must, at all costs, be won ... UF vs. FSU.

My crew is below me as I type this gathered around the tv in the still disheveled living room, hooting and hollering, and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

They will not miss me for the next few hours.

What about the pig?

Today I went to Mayo to buy a $190 show piglet for the Suwannee River Livestock Fair in March.

Longtime readers know we raise a show pig each year. It is that time again ... somehow.
Blogging makes me realize how fast a year can go by. It seems like just yesterday I was writing about last year's pig.
This year's pig is a little girl. I'll introduce you to her this week. That's her nose above.
She has no name yet.
The honor of naming her is Junior's since it is his pig. He is open to suggestions although he's never chosen ... chuckled over, but never chosen ... your excellent suggestions.

Feel free to try again ... I really liked last year's suggestion from one of you ... "Pig Newton", but he didn't choose it.

I think I'll suggest "Porkwah", since I like the French language so much.

Oh, the cow reference in the title ... what about the cows?

Yes, I have cow pictures too ... I will let you SEA them soon.

Right now, an empty home improvement big box store is calling my name.


pablo said...

I thought I remembered you saying last year that last year was going to be your last year to raise a pig. Do I misremember?

tai haku said...

hmmmm. Sea-ing pictures of cows? Should I be expecting what I think I should be expecting?

kathy a. said...

you have manatee photos and are holding them back?

hope you had a great thanksgiving! everyone looks happy in the second photo, except perhaps the gobbler.

ms. piggy has a very cute snout! she would look mahvahlous in a boa, with a fabulous tiara. but i'm guessing junior would rather poke sticks in his eyes than admit to liking muppets, so that name's out.

threecollie said...

I knew you weren't lying around full of turkey, although I was figuring more along the out taking nature photos line of things....
Congrats on the new piggy. We have two girls this year as well...Betty and Wilma, what else?

Miz S said...

Miss Piggy appears to have a chapped nose. Please apply vaseline immediately.

Your offspring are lovely. I believe that is the first picture I have seen of all three of them together (being a relative newbie around PFHQ). It's hard to tell from a snapshot, but does Junior look A LOT like his papa?

kevin said...

I'm thinking Mrs. FC and Jr. are pretty happy right now. My house is.

Good luck with the remodel and pig.

Floridacracker said...

Afraid this is a misremembermoment for you. I can't imagine saying that because it's understood we have two more fair pigs ...this one and next year, Jr's senior year.
It happens.

Yes, you are imagining correctly. Probably tomorrow's post when I can use my school fast connection.

Kathy A,
I might be holding something like that ...
I LOVE the muppets! I watched Sesame St as a 7th grader strictly for the muppet skits and when the muppet show came out, I was in heaven.
He does like them, I made sure "A Muppet Christmas Carol" was part of our Christmas tradition.

Great names! I am passing on some spectacular photo weather as I try to get the room all done and ready for a Christmas tree.

Miz S,
Will do on the vas.
Thank you for the kid kudos.
As for Junior ... well, he is ruggedly handsome ...heehee

They are! And they definitely did not miss me. When the game ended, Junior texted me in Lowes, 40 miles away ... "Hey where are you, Mom and I looked all around and can't find you."
I had said goodbye to both of them when I left, but the game was still on of course.

Paintsmh said...

Aw cool pig. She kind of has the face of a panda. What a cutie!

kevin said...

Your family has it's priorities in the right place.

Floridacracker said...

She's real friendly too! Not the skittish type.

Floridacracker said...

Yes, and it's scary.