Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Late Day Rainbow

Word: 24 degrees here predawn today.


kathy said...

Coldest autumn I remember here in Alabama, that's for sure! Brrr!

Deb said...

Wow! We're only a few degrees below you here in MN!

SophieMae said...

These are the times I really miss Tampa Bay and Marco Island.

Cool shot! I have yet to master the art of focusing on a rainbow.

David said...

24...brrr...don't think it got quite that chilly on this side of the state. said it was 34 here this AM.

Anonymous said...

There you go again shooting those beautiful pictures! You've created another one for a frame!!

Smilin-buddha said...

Love this cold weather

BeeDancer said...

That's a beautiful sunrise

This is perfect hiking weather and I'm stuck inside...Happy that it's gonna stay cool through the weekend...

Miz S said...

I thought you lived in FLORIDA.

Aunty Belle said...

FC!--Me an' Uncle been scrollin' back through yore blog--he ain't computer literate--so I tole him ya had fine photos--so we been studyin' wif gusto yore old he wants to know this here:

Uncle used to fish east of ya in the flatwoods, in a "blow hole" whar' he caught grouper in the middle of the Piney woods--he say, does ya know those secret fishin' holes? Is they still thar?

(Uncle was borned in Hog Town Creek, an' we'uns is products of 13th street college (heh!))

caroline said...

Pre-dawn here in the Black Hills still had open water on my birdbaths.
It was 78 here yesterday (TUES) afternoon and we are expecting snow showers this evening! I wore sandals to school yesterday, I'll need boots tomorrow.

Meteorologists must be having a grand old time with this batch of temperatures.

Floridacracker said...

Brrrrrr, but I so love it after that hot summer.

We are in Floridarctica, just south of Minnesotarctica!

Thanks. Now come on, isn't this a nice change from sweaty humidity?

I have Weatherbug on my computer and the closest local station was the cross city airport just a little north of us so I think that's pretty accurate for us.

I shot this between Chiefland and Trenton last Saturday.

Me too!

Sounds like your weekend will be very hikeable!

Miz S,
NAWTH Florida.

I don't see how you could do that east of me unless you mean all the way east like over near St. Aug?
If so, maybe up in Pellicier Creek area?

Glad you are enjoying the archives ... be sure to check out the coke and peanuts post.

Gee whiz, your temps fluctuate just a little huh?
41 here now at 8:30 in the evening.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That rainbow is coming down almost vertical ... and where it lands looks deceptively close, almost like an optical illusion. Wait a minute, that's exactly what it is: an optical illusion, so it makes sense. It does seem to be landing right behind the tree line. I'd double check just to be sure there isn't a pot of gold there. (Better safe than sorry!)

Ericka said...

ooh, pretty. i have a hard time photographing them too.

Floridacracker said...

There was gold. Not a myth after all.

This one was right at sunset, so I had some postsun glow to color my clouds.