Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wekiva Kayak Part 2

As for the fork in the river yesterday ... I went right. Don't read anything symbolic into that, FC is a middle of the road guy in many things.
The river I needed was to the right however, so off I went. Almost immediately the water became very clear as I left the darker Waccasassa and ventured up the Wekiva's spring run.

There were fish!

So now she truly is a fishing kayak. This pretty little shellcracker broke the ice for me. That's figurative ice, ThreeCollie, we only have ice in our freezers down here.

I let this beauty go to make more. Along the way, the clear water revealed other fish, ... bluegill, mullet, largemouth bass, and a gar or two.

Healthy stands of eel grass rippled beneath clear spring water. Way up river at the actual spring, a large water bottling (of all the stupid ideas!) company has a permit to suck gazzillions of liters out of Wekiva Spring.
If you drink Zephyrhills water, you may be drinking some of this spring.

It was late afternoon and I took a bunch of pictures that will never be seen ... trying to get the light right to show the clear water and the sandy bottom. The late afternoon light and the dappling shade made that a bit of a challenge. The one above will do I guess. I love paddling over clear water where I can fish watch.

I turned around here due to the late hour and the fact that I had been kayaking for two hours upstream against a current and I was really, really looking forward to a little drifting. Also, the Special K protein bar in my dry bag was calling my name.
The ride back was pleasant with minimal paddling required to keep from financial floating (bank to bank).
It wasn't a very birdy trip even though the woods were chirpy-cally with avain antics. They just weren't along the shore ... or maybe they were, the light in the forest was pretty subdued at this point in the day.
Back at the boat ramp, I paid the sand gnats the requisite toll of blood as I loaded the kayak back on to the trailer and strapped her down. The mullet fisherfolk lined up along the bank had small smoky fires going to repel the gnats. Saltmarsh sand gnats almost have to be experienced to be believed ... hordes of nanobiters from hell, trust me.
Yes, I know about Skin So Soft, but really ... I'd rather be bitten than smell like that.


Dani said...

I'm with you on the SSS! Yuck!

Sayre said...

I have lots of experience with no-see-ums from my time in Wakulla. THAT I don't miss.

Beautiful pictures... looks like some areas around here. My husband is an avid kayaker and loves to go exploring. The last time I went, we did part of the Sopchoppy River.

cndymkr / jean said...

Oh I am so glad you said it out loud. I can't stand the smell of that stuff.

Floridacracker said...

So, We agree then ... SSSSS ....


Julie Zickefoose said...

I've got a bottle of the stuff I use to take tar off my car when they oil the country roads. But put it on my flesh? Naaaah!

Floating over still clear water, fishwatching, in a silent kayak or canoe is about the best fun there is. It's all I can do not to throw my little peapod in the car and head for the springs!

When will we stop drinking good water out of stupid landfill choking bottles? I've gone over to a reuseable canteen and never looked back. All it takes is a little planning, for crying out loud.

Floridacracker said...

I avoid bottled water with my insulated bubba keg. I never buy bottle water ... originally, because I couldn't stand to pay for something that is free. Now I feel smugly green.

Alan said...

What you need is a circular polarizer filter - cuts the glare off the surface of the water like your fishing sunglasses - will let you photograph through to the bottom of those clear springs. :)