Friday, February 06, 2009

Frosty Friday and Dead Deer Progress

We Pure Floridians have had some spectacularly delicious cold weather this past week.

Across the street from our school is a water tower and a hydrant that was left misting. You can see the ice on the grass below the hydrant. The amazing thing about this ice is that this is a late afternoon picture, not a morning picture.

The high yesterday was in the 30's so this ice never melted.

That is pretty weird for these parts.

Below, a close-up view of our grass-cicles.

This morning backyard thermometers are registering 14 degrees. Records were set and you may be paying a bit more for your winter veggies if agricultural areas south of here were frozen too.

The frosty collage above is a collection of crystals on my JEEP and in the waterfolly koi pond. The focus is a bit soft as it was early in the day with little ambient light.

The deer that died in the front PFHQ forest has progressed to what you see in the picture above. We first met this deer in late 2008 when it wandered into the yard with a mortal wound from a hunter who failed the clean kill test.
It doesn't smell anymore so Bear has lost interest.


threecollie said...

Frost photos are very pretty! Nice job. Deer looks a lot better than it did not so long ago too.

Freste said...

Yeah, what Three said. LOL
Fortunately, we will not see Frosty the Snowfella this year. We will see Rodney the Raincloud, however. Stay warm and dry.

Susan Rose said...

Your grass-cicles look a lot like parrot ice. Maybe that's just a coincidence. : )

Dani said...

I'm lovin' that new header pic! Very pretty.

Deb said...

wow- for once Minnesotarctica = Florida in winter temps! It was 15 here this morning, and it's supposed to reach a high of 35. Gorgeous winter weather, for here.

Sayre said...

I love it when it gets cold around here - gives me a little zip! And my son has discovered the wonders of a heating pad for warming the bed before you get in.

robin andrea said...

Nice ice photos there. Quite a surprise to see that happening in Florida. The deer looks like its fed just about everybody it possibly could. Good job.

Prem Subrahmanyam said...

I hate it when hunters act irresponsibly...while I have never gone hunting, my mom did when she was younger, and one of the first things she was taught is that you don't shoot unless you have a clean kill shot. This also minimizes the chance of shooting a buddy while in the woods.

But what was really outrageous, we ran across a poached deer with antlers hacked out of its skull in a no-hunting wildlife sanctuary nearby. I blogged about this on my florida native orchids blog:

Florida Native Orchids: Senseless and Illegal.


amarkonmywall said...

This will teach you to have snow envy. ;-)

advisor said...

It looks like I have to move down to the Caribbean. I like delicious edible ice, not icy yard decorations.

Anonymous said...

It was -22 here in Chicago only a week or so ago.

Now there's a reason that I left the Suwannee... Think, Steve! What WAS that reason?


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Fun to see the ice! We didn't get frost here in Naples from recent cold front, like we did the week before, but this one seemed colder during the day.

Miz S said...

Your new header is gorgeous. What a beautiful shot.

It's been a cold winter up here in Maryland but this weekend we will hit the 50's and I'm very psyched about that.

Stay warm, and give the dogs a thump for me.

caroline said...

Ma Nature seems to be having a little problem was 47 here Friday morning when I let the hound out at 6 am. I wore my Tevas to school...bare toes in February is a rare treat at 44N 103W South Dakota.

Aunty Belle said...

AN' youse cheery about all this frosty weather? Heh...I'se gonna move to FLorida. Heah they have fine weather down thar'.

Went ridin' in yore jeep a post or two back.

Hope youse warmed up some.

Mark said...

So you do know what winter is ...

Ericka said...

it was cold here too. i'd have taken pictures, but i was shivering too hard. *sigh* but, today was BEAUTIFUL! i hope your weekend weather is turning out as wonderful as ours. :-)

(pictures are great, as ever!)

Floridacracker said...

Thanks for freezing with me y'all. I'm late responding so I'm gonna do a unison response rather than my usual individual style.
Forgive me!

Yes, I love the cold weather! It will be humid an dhot soon enough so I really, really enjoy the cold. In fact I usually have the top off the JEEP this time of year, but there's a pesky zipper problem that makes me leary of taking it off at this time.

Cold here = low humidity, clear skies, and no bugs! It's wonderful.
Plus, all your birds are here with ME!

Julie Zickefoose said...

That deer skull looks just about hangable on a wallable.