Sunday, February 08, 2009

PSunday Pterodactyls

Pterodactyls Pglaring.
(Whatever you do, don't Tpiss them off ... that beak is Pwicked.

Pterodactyls Tpreening.

Yesterday was simply amazing. Today would be simply amazing too, if I were about an hour south of here already and slipping my kayak into the clear waters of the Chassahowitzka River.
Alas, I am here, typing this post after sleeping in past dawn ... weird ... even Bear slept in ... which, of course, allowed me to sleep in.
Sort of a somna chain reaction ...

What makes yesterday especially amazing is the fact that on the surface (why, yes, that is a manatee on the surface) it was a run to Home Depot that got me up close and personal with some sea cows.

(It feels good to call them "sea cows", I grew up calling them that. In fact no one I knew called them "manatees" until they all got press agents ... I suppose Save The Sea Cows did not have the right ring to it)

Where was I? Oh yes, ... so how did a trip to a big box hardware store get me next to 4 mushyfaced manatees?

It seems I have a 40 mile dilemma when it comes to needing a Home Depot store ... I can travel about 40 miles east to Gainesville ... home of the National Champion Gator Football team ... perhaps you have heard of them?
Or, I can travel 40ish miles south to Crystal River / Homosassa Springs ... home of beaucoup manatees this time of year.

Love those UF Gators, but this was a no brainer, so off I went yesterday, southbound with kayak and camera.

That encounter is tomorrow's post ... not to tease you or anything, but I got ALOT closer to the T's than in that top shot.

Today is another unbelievably blue sky gorgeous day here with cool temps and lots of sun. I need to stick around and take care of things at PFHQ though, but hey, it's a perfect day for that too.

  • There's blueberry maintenance to do. They are just beginning to bloom. I was worried about the super cold last week, but it only took a few of the earliest blooms so we are still on track for a good harvest.
  • The big wedding of Annette and my brother Terry is this Saturday, so that is also occupying my mind. I am BBQing chicken for ... well, I don't know how many yet, because the RSVP info hasn't been tabulated, but I'm thinking at least 60 people. I'll be making my BBQ battle plan today and a final shopping list. Pressure is on ... never cooked for quite that many folks before. I'm thinking of making a big pot of Minorcan Style Clam Chowder too.
  • I'm taking off from work on Thursday and Friday just to be sure I have all my cooking ducks (chickens actually) in a row.
  • The whole theme of this outdoor wedding, besides the love thing, is Minorcan/Floridian style ... so the menu is looking like Chicken Pilau, Sausage Pilau, BBQ Chicken, Clam Chowder, Datil Pepper Sauce... good stuff.
  • Plus, and this makes me extremely happy as I can not remember the last time I wore a tie ... those of us in the wedding party are all supposed to dress alike in ... God I love these two people ... Black jeans, Columbia fishing shirts, and flipflops.
  • Yes! I will suffer through flipflops for the chance to wear jeans and a fishing shirt to a wedding.
  • (Someday I will have to share my opinion of flipflops as footwear)


Florida Beach Basics said...

Had not heard of Columbia fishing shirts - thought perhaps it was a style, but appears to be a brand - does the Bonehead refer to the style or the wearer? (kidding, of course) What makes them unique?

Looking forward to pix of the wedding food.

ImagineMel said...

*think think think* how do i finaggle an invite to this shindig... I've never thought of them of pterodactyls until I can't think of them as anything BUT. Have a good week!

ChrisC and JonJ said...

We'll clean up,if we can come and eat.We'll be quiet,we promise.And we even have the right clothes to wear,too.
And the flip-flop should be the state shoe of Florida.Don't wanna tell you how many we own,but it's lots.
And loved your post,btw.

kathy a. said...

wow, pteradactyls and manatees and wedding planning!

caroline said...

My South Dakota 9th graders wear flip flops to school any season, never mind of you have to wade through a snowbank to get to the door of the schoolhouse! They will also wear shorts, flipflops and down vests in the same outfit. Add a bit of blue hair and the odd piercing and a few of them are quite a picture.
I favor Tevas, no flipflops in my bare feet. Wore them 2X this week to school since all the cold weather was down your way.

Best wishes to the Anette and Terry, I like their style! The wedding banquet sounds divine.

Miz S said...

PLEASE tell me you are going to give us a picture of the wedding party.

Floridacracker said...

Never heard of ...? I take it you do not fish.
They are the epitome of fish'n functionality and style.
Too nice to wear fishing actually ...LOL!

I'm convinced they are clever pterodactyls in pdisguise. Congrats on J's award! We will SOOOOOOO miss him next year.

Chris and Jon,
Gotta black pair I can borrow? I don't own any. Glad you enjoyed the post!

Kathy A,
Well, we like to multitask around here...

They are the same everywhere these larval humans. I love the t-shirt, shorts, flipflop kid in my class who says he's cold.
My answer to that in February is so insensitive ...

Miz S,
You know dat's true! Me not take pics? I just found out I am the videographer too, so I will be busy, busy.

Hurricane Teen said...

A Minorcan wedding?! In blue jeans and fishing shirts?? AAAAH! That will be awesome.

Nancy Ortiz said...

First blog I've read in which the writer correctly referred to native Floridians as Florida Crackers. In the past, I have tried to explain to persons from elsewhere that to be a Cracker is not a bad thing. They just don't get it. My sister and brother and I are, however, hybrid Georgia/Florida Crackers. You can tell by the more sun damaged skin, and tendency to squint at the sun for no good reason. Otherwise, the pelage and coloration are the same as pure Floridian. Lay on pictures of this wedding, especially the food. Final note: I almost killed my silly self once falling down some steps while wearing FFlops and would support any attempt to make them illegal.

Floridacracker said...

You exist!
Yes, it should be awesome!

Welcome to Pure Florida! Loved your comment and I know what you mean about the explaining of "Crackerness".
Glad you dropped in!

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Yep-we have too many to mention balck flip-flops to mention.Feel free to borrow,or relocate.

Karissa said...

I love flip flops and once was by drs to orders to only where flip flops....but yea i am looking forward to this weekend and will be happy when it is all over with.


swamp4me said...

Excellent photos. Flip flops are not shoes -- they don't tie and you can't run in them. Persevere!

Floridacracker said...

Chris and Jon,
Thanks for the offer LOL!

I'm thinking they are both pretty stressed out about right now. It will be a great wedding. I hope your Mom feels better soon!

Floridacracker said...

I'll happily wear them for THIS wedding, but it's back to the sneakers after the celebration!

Nancy Ortiz said...

If you need a clue as to my great age, we were taught to call them sea cows. Looking forward to your pictures of them. They're so sweet with their big goofy faces and tiny little whiskers. It'll be great to see them close up. The first time I saw one I was pretty little and we were crossing the Miami River on a drawbridge in Daddy's 1950 Ford. I looked out the right side of the bridge and, down in the water a little way out from the bridge was the manatee. He had propeller scars but seemed fine and was just sort of lolling around near a big fancy power boat. They're wonderful to see. Looking forward to your pictures.

Hurricane Teen said...

"Exist"ing is pretty much all I am doing right now!
It's fun being a bookworm, though :-D

Alan said...

Flip Flops is the Devil. Why would people willingly wear footwear that requires your toes to do work to keep them from falling off? That's not relaxing! Give me a straight sandal any day of the week!

Ericka said...

well, that fits in with my theory about dinosaurs not being extinct, they just learned to climb trees.

i'd like flip flops better without that noise... and with heels. wait. those would be sandals. never mind.

yes, i do work with wood, although not as much as i did when i had dad's workshop to play in. i'm slowing buying my own toys, but i still prefer dad's. :-)

mmm. happy cooking!

Ericka said...

*slowly. clearly i should be in bed, not attempting to type.

threecollie said...

I love flip flops...wear them whenever I can...which is not often enough due to barn and thistle issues. And that sounds like the best wedding ever!

roger said...

i was married while barefoot. both me and the missus. but i do love my flipflops, altho out here on the other coast we often call them thongs, allowing for some play at double entendre. it is most certainly possible to run in thongs (both types!) even down steep, rock strewn mountainsides. probably better to practice on flat lawn first.

premature congrats to the bride and groom.

Floridacracker said...

I like that lately, the manatees I see are missing prop scars. Perhaps the speed zones are working.

It'll all pay off in the end!

I don't do sandals either.

Aha, I thought so!

Not much poo protection in flipflops, huh?

i pictured you doing that.
i remember reading your posts long ago about hiking in thongs and I was amazed.
(Picturing shoes here, not butt floss)

Julie Zickefoose said...

I love the wedding garb, but hate flip flops. Give me Keens any day. There's too much that can happen to toes...ask my husband, who blew our Belizean honeymoon ripping one of his almost off.

Flipflops, Tevas, bah. Protect yer toes!