Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shell Mound Con Nino's

Jonathon in the bow and Junior at the helm.
I was proud of these two generation electron kids. They powered that canoe into a brisk breeze and crossed the river in a straight line to the lee of an Island.

I was really proud that they fished so hard without whining or resorting to Star Wars or LOTR sword fighting with the fishing poles.

The boys spotted the first of many horseshoe crabs mating on the oyster bars. This small male was desperately clinging to a larger female when I interrupted him for a pic. He wasn't actually mating, just clinging to her for that moment when she crawls up on to the beach as she has been doing for about 200,000,000 years to lay her clutch at the high tide mark.

See that sweeeeeeetly curving shell bar beneath and beyond the kayak? Such a place just screams redfish or trout, so I parked the kayak and took a quiet stroll casting to either side of the bar.

Sure enough, this pretty seatrout cooperated. I brought it to shore for a quick release and continued casting, but that was to be the only fish of the day.
At the wedding last week, my Uncle Richard showed me a gator trout over 9 pounds that he caught. It could have eaten this one for lunch!
Aunt Shelba, send me that picture and I will post it if he wants!

Oystercatchers are one of my favorite shorebirds ... how 'bout you? These aren't as spiffly dressed as I was expecting ... maybe they are juvies.

Chime in there birders.

I NEVER head out without multiple battery backups when I go photographin'. In these days of megapixels, your batteries are your film.
I usually have a charged set in the camera and two backup sets in the camera bag.
So you can imagine how shocked I was to reload the Sony and find that the backup pair I grabbed were dead.
Arrgghh... a few days ago I took a spare charged pair out of my pockets and a used pair (AA Sony rechargeables) at the same time. I remember thinking at that moment, "Did I just mix these up? ... Nahhhh."
Well, I did.
Not only did I bring a depleted pair of AA's along on this adventure, but I left the other pair at home in a pair of shorts I had just dropped in the closet.
So ... back to the reloading of the dead batteries. After discovering that the new pair was completely depleted, I dumped them and reloaded the recently expired ones that were in the camera originally.
After all, it hadn't actually shut down, it was just flashing the dead battery warning prior to the change.
I could probably squeeze out at least one or two shots if I kept the camera off between shots.
That paid off. Every bird shot on this post was taken with that pair of very depleted batteries, with the "dead battery" symbol flashing the whole time.
Eventually, as I drifted right up to an oyster bar loaded with skimmers, the batteries shut down and my Sony went quiet.
Of course the skimmers let the kayak approach closer than ever before at that moment.
And of course, they finally flew up all around me swirling magnificently, before settling right back down next to me, as if to say, "Dang, boy, wouldn't that have made a great little video clip?"
Oh well ...

At least I got a few stills off before my energy crisis.
I think this was my last shot of the day.

Who is the unique individual in that shot?
Knot? Not?


Dani said...

I love a good birdie post! Just makes my day.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Mine too.Oooops,I'm s'posed to be working.

Freste said...

Nice pics with zero electrophotasmic capabilities.

What a great way to acknowledge Spring with these shots!

kathy a. said...

wonderful shots!

Kimberlee said...

That looks like SUCH a relaxing day. Love the photos. You know, I have a backup and I still get zinged by my battery at the most inopportune moments. Maybe next time you'll catch them on video. :)

Anonymous said...

We just bought the adjoing three acres to Wise Acres!!! Does this make us land Barons? Putting the 'Depot' in the middle of 6 ac seemed better than in the middle of 3, agree?

No Guy in the Sky said...

Great bird pics. I love the picture of the Kayak on the bar. Hopefully I will be vacationing somewhere warm soon.

SophieMae said...

Dude! I NEED to be in that water! Reckon I'm gonna have to dust off the ol' fishin' pole this weekend.

LOVE those oystercatchers, though I do wonder... how hard can it be to catch an oyster. 8-} I can't remember when I saw a juvie. Yep, they have to grow into their brightaciousness.

Bummer you missed the skimmer swirl. I had to squeeze the last drops of juice out of my battery the other day at the refuge. Just had to get the gator blinks and the towhee fight. I was so tickled there was just enough left to snap the painted bunting that surprised us as we were leaving. *WHEW!*

Hey, my word today is creoly... mmmm... jambalaya. {*;*}

Floridacracker said...

Happy to oblige. Skimmers are too beautiful.

Chris and Jon,
Get back to it slacker! heehee

Spring is rockin and rollin down here!

Kathy A,
Thanks. Easy when the location is so beautiful!

At least I don't have to worry about battery zapping -zero temps!

Wise decision!!

No Guy,
That was a graceful bar.

It's the opening of the oyster that's the challenge! LOL
Hope you are fishin!

TROLL Y2K said...

Once in a while you outcrackerize me. Never heard the term "gator trout". Looked it up to learn it's just a BIG seatrout.

Floridacracker said...

I'm thinking you were an inland crackerling as a child, not a coastal crackerling.

SophieMae said...

Almost forgot... I think your oddballs hanging out with the semi-palmated plovers in the last shot are western sandpipers. Could be least, but they look more like westies. Maybe. 8-}

lisa said...

I love the trout pic, my son wishes he could go fishing down there!!! He caught a 26 inch lake trout a month ago.