Friday, April 17, 2009


The problem with an angry raccoon in your Havahart trap is ... you have to open the door and let him out.


SophieMae said...

YIKES! Now that'd be a video worth the load time. 8-]

elpbulls said...

Uh Oh!! lol

Deb said...

So don't leave us hanging here...

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a Carl Perkins song - "that must be your gal, mine don't look like that - you know my gal, she's so-o-o big and fat!"
I know that's not *my* raccoon; my raccoon is as big as a medium size dog. give that little guy a ride, just don't bring him up here ;-)

Sandcastle Momma said...

I agree with Sophie Mae - that would be a video to see! Better have your running shoes on LOL

Freste said...

Try that with a skunk. Then we'll have a beer and laff about it.

This thing looks like a poodle in a raccoon suit. What a tiny critter.

threecollie said...

Yow! Do they have a lot of rabies down there? Up here we are real careful of them.

Dani said...

Ha! She's just a little peeved.

Kittikity said...

Yup! Now for a video about how NOT to release an angry racoon.. lol

Floridacracker said...

I considered it, but he was so ticked,and I was in a hurry that morning.

He fell for some old boiled peanuts.

A bit of rope for a running head start, bracing the trap against a tree, and a strong jerk on the rope to open the door.
We both survived.

Our raccoons are already getting ready for bikini season.

I did!

Is the beer for getting rid of the smell?
Hmmm ... perhaps it was a poodle in a racoon suit... they are very clever dogs, those poodles.

I view every raccoon as a simmering petri dish of rabies. Super cautious around them.

Very, very snarly.

I'm sure I will be making that one someday if I keep setting this trap by the garbage cans! LOL

robin andrea said...

S/he looks a bit skinny and hungry. I hope those peanuts were yummy, and worth the indignity of the trap.