Friday, May 29, 2009

Life Along The Bone Road

Last weekend, on the day I found the pygmy rattler, I also found some other critters. The day had been hot and summery, but a shower had cooled things off late in the afternoon, so I jumped in the JEEP and took off.

Almost as soon as I turned off the asphalt, a family of feral hogs crossed the trail in front of me.

I wasn't ready ... the camera was still in the bag and off.

I stopped and fumbled with the clasp and snatched the camera up and on just in time to get ...

... a feral family pig-ture.

Rising from the ashes ...

I found these fawns grazing on the now green and grassy 'bone road" I wrote about back in March. The irony of the fresh fawns feeding on tender grass nourished by the many, many deer and hog bones of the bone road did not escape me.

This beauty of a ratsnake showed up later in the ride. This is not the giant ratsnake of a few posts ago, but this was on the same day, so it was quite a greytratsnake day!
Isn't that the rippliest snake you've ever seen?
What's up with that?

Up close and personal.

I held still as the snake reversed course and slid my way.
Why the cell phone?
I had just sent a cell phone photo of it to a friend of mine and as the snake approached I set the phone down to see what the snake would do.
It wasn't really interested in the phone, but it did spend a moment sniffing my hand before sliding around me and into the woods.

I imagine this snake pondered whether I was a fellow ratsnake since it had only been an hour or so since I handled the GIANT ratsnake ... and I don't think I had washed my hands in the meantime ... so I probably smelled pretty good ... in a snakey sorta way.


nfmgirl said...

Uhhhhh. Mr. Science Teacher? Snakes don't have a sense of smell, do they?

Cool pics and pretty snake! BTW, my boyfriend is TERRIFIED of feral pigs. He's heard too many stories of people being attacked by pigs. I keep trying to assure him that they aren't lurking in bushes waiting to ambush him.

I am so the "man" in the relationship!

Thunder said...

Oh it's a wildlife post, I thought it was a Friday food post and you were just working your way down the pictorial shopping list! ;-)

My buddy Scott and I saw about 10-12 little pigs and their momma crossing the road near Cedar Key, a couple of fawns near Manatee Springs, and turkey everywhere!

Dani said...

I've never seen a snake that ripply before. It almost looks like the pumphouse snake when it ate Layas(The Best Hen Ever!)eggs.

R.Powers said...

ummmmmm ... yeah, they do actually. Sense of smell is exquisite in snakes. Hearing... now that's another story.

Good luck reassuring your boyfriend. I agree, he's not likely to be hogattacked!

It's a turkey explosion down here this year. Enjoyed having you buy me supper last week. Do come again.

Extra point for remembering Laya's storied status as super hen! I thought the same thing.

lisa said...

Great photos even of the butts! Ha

Timothy said...


Great pictures as usual! Happy Friday as well! I'm impressed with how up close and personal you get with the animals. It makes for great photos and an interesting read. I got up close and personal with a sea snail at my blog, lol, so not quite as daring :)


MamaHen said...

I came across a very similar looking snake in my driveway last year (and no, I didn't harm it) and it was all kinked up just like that one. It seemed very hesitant to move but finally 'relaxed' and slid off. I figured you would know why it was ripply (sp?) like that.

Carol said...

I think each bend matches a color patch on it. It almost looks like a link of chain. Nice picture.

Sayre said...

Hey! He smiled for the camera!

robin andrea said...

That is a beautiful ratsnake. I read rattlesnake at first, and could not for the life of me understand why you would get that close. Oh, a ratsnake. Okay then.

Kimberlee said...

Love all the family pigtures. That snake is downright kinky! :)

Ericka said...

i'm inclined to see feral pigs as cannon fodder - not a fan.

the snake, though, tres cool!

Anonymous said...

What a strange kinky snake.

I had a nightmare about rattlesnakes Thursday night. I will probably have to pass on any of your posts that have rattlesnake in the title!


Rurality said...

I think they do the ripply thing when they're trying to look tough. Either that or they're bunching their muscles in preparation for attack, lol.

Miz S said...

Gorgeous snake! It is a constant disappointment to me that I don't see more snakes.

Hey, this is weird: last night I had a dream about snakes, but they were rattlesnakes not rat snakes. Come to think of it, it's the 2nd snake dream I've had recently.

Don't you hate it when people tell you about their dreams?

R.Powers said...

I guess I didn't get their best side.
Is there a best side on a feral hog I wonder?

Still counts, snails are wildlife!

I have failed you. Not sure why it was so kinky. Maybe he was just feeling good in his skin and posing.

Thanks! This snake was pretty vibrant, maybe he had just molted.

It's a kind heart that can see the snake's smile.

Yes, rattlesnakes deserve a few more inches of separation.

Maybe, but I know nothing about it's private life.

They are definitely that! Although a big fan of pigs, I am no fan of feral anything.

You are safe right now, I have no new, unpublished rattlesnake photos in my stash.

He was like that when I found him, but then he sensed me first I'm sure so maybe he was toughening up. I just haven't seen it before and I find so many greys.

Miz S,
Good thing I'm not Dr. Freud.

Miz S said...

Ha ha, I get it. Picture me giving you a disapproving look.

SwampAngel65 said...

That's one really pretty rat snake, kinks and all!

R.Powers said...

Miz S,
I did. It was a scary teacher look.

Yes, freshly molted I bet.