Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chef Troll's Party Food Smackdown

So, a while back, Chef Troll sponsored a little culinary challenge involving southern food and I participated even though I usually avoid bloggy games. I admit it was fun and I did okay, coming in second to Hef and Donna, who definitely outpaced me in both the food and presentation category.

I was still basking in the glory of coming in second, when Chef Troll tossed out another challenge ... one involving "Drunk Food". This translates into the kind of food you might nibble on at a bar, after being at a bar, or even hangover food for the next morning.

I'm not much of a drinker ... a beer or two on the weekend with something spicy is about all I do these days, so I thought I would sit this one out.

Then, inspiration hit when I least wanted it to, ... so here we go.

Here's my token beautiful girl in the background. That's my daughter Katie breading some chicken gizzards.

We were frying wings for a family gathering, when it hit me to poke around in the fridge and seek out other fryable snackin' foods ... the kind of thing you might munch on with a pitcher of beer on the table.

We came up with this little assortment.

From left to right ...

  • Fried fresh mushrooms

  • Naked wings

  • Naked fried pork chunks marinated first in lime juice and spices.

  • Breaded pork chunks also marinated as above.

  • Two different wing sauced wings ... Texas Pete's vs. Frank's

  • Slow smoked BBQ ribs ... not fried of course

  • Breaded and fried chicken gizzards.

  • Accompanied by good American beer, ranch and blue cheese dressings, and the usual cast of veggies.

Yes, they are huge.

Coincidental, on the same weekend, the recipe for these came in on the cover wrapper of the Southern Living magazine .

I think they were called "Brownie Pillows" or something like that ... and you know how SOME partiers get the munchies for something sweet after they get silly, so we had to make these also.

They look like just a humongous chocolate chip cookie, but inside there's ...

... a brownie!

Party on Dudes and Dudettes!


Sandy said...


Makes me wish I was not doing Weight Watchers right now!!!

Rurality said...

I'm coming to watch football at your house this fall! (You can keep the chicken gizzards though. Bleh!)

Sayre said...

Wow - makes me wish I drank!

That all looked wonderful, even the gizzards, which I haven't had in probably 30 years.

Mark said...

I agree on the gizzards. Who told you they were edible?

Brownie pillows? You're mad! Mad, I tell you!

TROLL Y2K said...

Somebody needs to defend the choice of gizzards! So, I will! Great addition. As was including some naked items.

Totally fooled by the dessert item.

Bonus points for serving them on such exquisitely designed fine china. C H O M P ! !

Don't forget to say "I'm UP!" at Throwdown Headquarters.

robin andrea said...

Brownies inside a chocolate chip cookie? Somebody very, very stoned came up with that idea.

Dani said...

Robin is right. Very Stoned! lol

kmwthay said...

gerrrhahahhahahah about having a 'token beautiful girl!' I love that idea! Now - I also love everything on your fried plate, particularly the mushrooms, and I must find a recipe for those cookies immediately.

roger said...

mmmmmmmmmmm food.

i thought the veggies were fried too. seemed like a tasty idea.

LaDivaCucina said... porn! Thanks for letting me peek, it all looks yummy!

Heff said...

Very nice ! Coincidentally, Donna wanted to fry chicken gizzards for this challenge. I thought nobody would find that appealing, so I told her not to, lol !!

Good Job, cracker !

kathy a. said...

high quality munchies! [although gizzards have never passed my lips.] probably all of this is high-blood-pressure on a stick, but mmm.

threecollie said...

Wow, it looks good! (Are you sure all that stuff is still legal?)

Debris said...

Hey FC,

Anyway you could post the recipe for those brownie pillows? My wife would love to make something like that, and they look fantastic! Good job on second place though!

Oh, I was telling you about how I had found some sea snails the other day at the beach; yesterday I went fishing and placed a crab net. When I pulled it up I didn't have any crab, but I did have two sea snails! The sucker's won't get away from me. Just figured I'd tell ya. I posted a video of it at my blog if you care to see them, they were fairly large too!

To get an idea, my hand is about 9.5 inches from palm to the tip of my middle finger so that should give you an idea of how big they were. How's your week been so far?


moi said...

You had me at breaded and fried chicken gizzards, and therefore get my vote for fave dish so far. Fried hicken gizzards are TOTALLY yummy.

Boxer said...

I'd love the recipe for those brownie cookies, too please. I also love the plate, but I won't ask for that. :-)

Great entry!

lisa said...

I love chicken gizzards, but the rest looks yummy and I am very hungry!

edifice rex said...

Crap! I should NOT read your blog right after I get home from work, when I'm already starving! LOL!

Carol said...

love them gizzards...just never made them.

Floridacracker said...

Welcome to Pure Florida!
Just eat the naked (no breading) goodies and the veggies!

Come over for the Florida - Alabama game! LOL Pass your gizzards to Katie, she loves em.

Don't worry, all those items go good with Coke too!

Heh, heh ... why yes I am! But, I can't take credit for that recipe, only for eating them.

Thanks! Chicken gizzards, turkey gizzards, mullet gizzards ... they're all good.
Glad you liked the china!

Robin AND Dani,
LOL! The thought crossed my mind too.

Welcome to Pure Florida! I plan to post that this weekend if not sooner.

we were tossing everything else in the hot oil, should'a tried that too!

Welcome to Pure Florida! Glad you liked it!

Too funny ... great minds think alike! Good luck on this smackdown!

Kathy A,
Definitely. Best to spread this kind of food out over the year or it may spread you out!

We be legal! The brownies are JUST brownies!

Good chance they were Lightning Whelks. They are large, common, and scavenge as well as prey on other molluscs.

Sweet! I knew there had to be gizzard fans out there! Funny, we fried some naked and some breaded and the naked ones were pretty bad... like jerky.
They breaded ones were wonderful.

I plan to post that brownie/cookie recipe this weekend if not sooner!

It was all good, but was supposed to be a simple wings meal before we got the competition bug.

Oops! I should post a warning: Eat something before viewing this post. Drooling may occur.

Really simple to do and tasty in a chewy sorta way.

Miz S said...

Could Katie's smile be any prettier? I don't think so.

Floridacracker said...

Miz S,
No,, I don't think it could be. Thanks for noticing that!

Cathy S. said...

I think the girl must be sweeter than the cookies. It all looks really really good! We are definately going to have to make a trip to see you this summer. I have your glass finished and two boxes of books that have been sitting in my hallway since last summer.

LibraryGirl62 said...

I saw those brownie pillows and thought they looked GREAT! Now I have to bake them too! (I love Southern Living~and Coastal living too)

K9 said...

brownie cookies? uh oh. grherherhahaha

SophieMae said...

Mmmmmmmm! Chicken gizzards and brownie pillows! You definitely win! 8-]

Debris said...

Wow FC!

You nailed it dead on! That's just impressive.


Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
She is very much so! Let me know if y'all venture north. I still have your shards LOL!

Library Girl,
They are hugely delicious. I cut that one in half, thinking I would just eat one half, but I had to eat the whole thing!

Talk about an ADM ... Anti Diet Missle ... this is it!!

That's comfort food right there! Thanks for the support!

Allright! Glad I could be of assistance.