Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Is Coming

The shield above is taken from It was the inspiration for my attempt ...
I don't read the George R. Martin series ... A GAME OF THRONES, A CLASH OF KINGS, blah, blah, blah, but I am surrounded by people that do.

It sounds cool, a land of decades long seasons, competing clans, swords, sorcery, ... hmmm, now why does that sound appealing and familiar?

Now I remember.

(Kevin, 'Billy, ... even without dipping into Martin's series, WE know the Cimmerian could kick these newcomer's butts).

Even so, I will probably take the plunge at some point ... if just for the ability to stay in a conversation around here, now that I am totally surrounded by fans of Martin's apparently excellent books.

Or I may just watch the HBO series about them that is coming soon.

So, if you have been paying attention, (YOU! In the back row, Yes, YOU! Pay attention!)

... you know that I have been working on a shield for Junior to tote at the Medieval Faire.

Today was to be the day, but it's cold, grey, windy, and rainy, so I got to put the finishing touches on hold until this morning. Looks like tomorrow will be the good fair day, after this front moves through.

After I finish this post, I will be zipping out to the barn to finalize it.

Don't judge me too harshly artisans. This was just supposed to be a rush job, circular plywood shield with no adornments. Junior's swordcrazed buddy was coming to stay and they needed one more shield so they could bash each other silly with their wooden swords.
I got it in my head to make a shield based on Junior's favorite character from the books. What I didn't realize is that he would not want to ding it up when he saw it.

"No, Dad, I want that one for the medieval faire. It's too cool to bang up ... can you whip up a plain one for our dueling?"

I sketched the wolf emblem on to the plywood and did a quick etching job with my Dremel tool to give it some relief. This was done back when the shield was going to be just a quick rush job, so I didn't do any real fine tuning.
Today, the straps go on the back and I may mess with something to bring out the relief on that white wolf.
It's a messy day ... a good one to be stuck in the shop with some wood and some sharp tools.


Freste said...

Nice work on the shield! Oh, you didn't know that you were supposed to make two?? I'm thinking that even after the faire, it's going to live a very long, long life.

robin andrea said...

What a great shield, and you are quite the dad for making two.

lisa said...

Pretty darn good for an amateur!

Sayre said...

That is WAYY cool! We're getting radio commercials here for the HogTown Medievel Faire - which sounds pretty interesting. I have a friend who participates in lots of them in her area, though she's been to the one in G'Ville a couple of times.

Aunty Belle said...

Me thinkest thou is havin' funne at the faire wif' boy sprout as they own shield from adultish mirth.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I'm impressed -- that's good wood work, and with a good purpose. (I could use a shield myself.) I've never been much into science fiction I must confess, science - yes, and fiction too, just not the two together.

Dani said...

Great job FC! You have so many wonderful talents!