Sunday, January 31, 2010

Creative Anachronism Comes To Pure Florida

Before there was this ...

There was lots of this ...

And a little bit of this ...
(Is my Emma the cutest thing ever or WHAT?!!)

That's real steel chain mail Junior's wearing .... weighs about 30 pounds.

They were serious looking men ... totally focused on their mission ...

Lords and ladies off to the Hoggtowne Medieval Faire ...

Let the serfs walk, we prefer a suitable chariot.


Sayre said...

I'm impressed - your shieldwork came out beautifully! Who does the costumes? Does your wife make them or is each person responsible for their own?

Love the picture of Jr. and Emma - that one ought to be framed!

swamp4me said...

Uh, I think maybe Jr. is the cutest thing ever or what ;)

Anonymous said...

He's looking more like you all the time. And tell him I have the purse that matches that chain, if he wants to borrow it? Um. . .well, then again, maybe not, that might dilute the machismo. mowgli

threecollie said...

Perfect 10s for all concerned

Pablo said...

Methinks he doth need a shave.

lisa said...

Fabulous costumes! Did great job!

Thunder Dave said...

Awesome looking crew!

Suze said...

Wow!! Emma looks BEE-U-TIFUL!! And Junior? Very hot, very manly - very Renaissance-y.

Freste said...
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Freste said...

MOST excellent job with the outfits and equipment. As for cuteness of family, you are SO blessed that every single member is healthy, hearty, happy and cute. Ok, Jr. we'll use the term "handsome" here.
Will there be pics of the faire?

cndymkr / jean said...

Wow. Amazing work on all their costumes. I hope they enjoy themselves.

Anonymous said...

Did they throw the fair maidens in the back of the chariot???

They look so good!! You did a great job on the shield. I always have fun at the faire.


cinbad122 said...

I love my little goobers!

Cathy S. said...

Very handsome and beautiful. The historian approves.

debbie said...

Do they participate in other Renaissance fairs around the state? Vizcaya (a Renaissance estate in Miami, now a museum) used to have a huge festival every March. They are so much fun.

Dani said...

They're all awesome!

STEB said...

the young crew look awesome.Thay only need the castle here in loveland ohio to make the photos perfect. no just kidding! Great job fc.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks, The costumes are all purchased items.

He does have a certain air about him. :)

A purse would fit the period. :)

You nailed it.

That was for the faire.


Awesome dude.

He likes to think he's a Renaissance man.

Alas, No fair pics.

They had a great, but cold time!

That chariot is an extended cab chariot! LOL!

They stay goobery no matter how big they get.

Cathy S,
I knew you would appreciate REAL chain mail and not that lightweight psuedo stuff.

They don't but they would if their schedules allowed.

Thanks, I have always thought so too.

I think building a castle is next year's project.

Aunty Belle said...

them younguns is gorgeous! Hats of to Mrs FC fer a magnificent production. (the kids--ain't sure who made the costumes)

Yore shield is a beauty. Did they have the grandest time? Did Junior joust? A maiden swoon?

Next year I'se gonna try to git up to Hogtowne fer this Faire.

Great job Dad.

Floridacracker said...

They had a great time! Last summer a costume shop in G'ville had a going out of business sale and that's where the dresses were scored at extreme discounts.
The boys have pieced theirs together over time.
Thank you for the kind words. They had a great time, froze their tales off, and came home to a giant pot of hot chili.
A good day.