Monday, February 01, 2010

Card and Warb

Yellow Rump?

I like this middle pic. The posture of the bird reminds me of an Audubon painting.

And, last but not least, a cardinal for a Robin.


Sayre said...

Ooo... your cardinal is gorgeous. Last year, a lot of the cardinals around here looked pretty ratty. Not sure why, but they seem to have bounced back this year.

Dani said...

Look at that little warbler workin' it!

lisa said...

Such beautiful pictures! I love the birds.

robin andrea said...

And you know how much I love cardinals and lament that we never get to see them. Beautiful birds there, FC.

MinorityReport said...

Beautiful cardinal photo. Happy MM.

cndymkr / jean said...

How do you get the birds to sit still for you? I have hundreds of blurry photos or just the empty tree branch. Are you the bird whisper?

Anonymous said...

Yellow-rump? Ask a Minnesotan
and they will say "you betcha".

Hap in New Hope (MN)

Aunty Belle said...

Birds---jewels of the air. But I is more ignorant of all the kinds we gits than' I should be...

we hardly ever sees a robin come by--other places I see 'em--doan they love camphor tress?

We has brown thrashers, the wee finches, cardinals, jays and woodpeckers. An' Mockingbirds, dove, an' even hawks come perch in our trees. Crows. Wrens an' robins. Uncle says they's ground feeders so maybe I need t lower my sights.

Left a message on yore prior post--y'all is havin' way much fun up thar'!

Floridacracker said...

This one seemed perfectly dressed to me.

Ham warbler.

Never get tired of cardinals.

Yes, I noticed your comment at Pablo's the other day, and then this one fell into my lens about a day later.

Minority Report,
LOL! It does fit the Troll's subject for this Monday.

I am adding birds to my fish, snake, and gator whispering.

Thanks! I am always unconfident when it comes to LGB's.

That's a purty good list! Uncle's right about those robins, they are mostly on the ground.
Do you know my Aunt Florence used to bake a robin pie back in the 70's? Kid you not.

Going to read that comment now!