Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pac-Man Pads

Anybody else in the mood for a game of Pac-Man?
Something about this picture speaks to me.

This beauty and her stigmata were strung between the cattails and above the pads.

This beauty was directly below, skittering from pad to pad and across the quiet water.
She's not much for spinning webs and waiting for something to happen ... better to actively seek than sit and wait ... even if it means outfishing a fish.
She's a hunter not a trapper.

We had very heavy rains this morning and the creek up the road from the quiet lily pond was tinted by runoff from the lime rock road I was traveling upon.
I found these pads, spiders, and the gator by taking the road least traveled on the way home from a training session in Gainesville.
They were much appreciated ...I have been painting PFHQ so relentlessly lately, that I have not had a chance to be OUT THERE.
In fact, I realized as I started the JEEP this morning that I had barely been off my property since Thursday.
So, as you might imagine, I needed a little gator time.
It was kind of nice to be clean, not dripping in sweat, covered in paint, or toting a paintbrush for a day.
It was also nice to never once step on a ladder today.
Not once.
This past weekend, I was high as a kite (ladder high, that is), painting at the upper capacity of my 32 foot extension ladder with a bucket in one hand, a paint brush in the other, and my heart clinched between my teeth as I paint the upper most regions of PFHQ.
There will be pictures.


threecollie said...

Pac Man! You are so right about the leaves. Never thought of it and I look at a mess of them out in the garden pond every day.

Sayre said...

When you're done with PFHQ, could you come do my house? I have some way up places that my veritgo and I can't reach...

Pac Man!!! There's a videogame exhibit at the Mary Brogan Museum here which includes several versions of Pac Man - my son found them fascinating.

lisa said...

I will be thinking of pac man everytime I look at my pond now;) I could of done without the spider though, ugh!

Thunder Dave said...

Love those gators! Not wild about the spiders, but I'm getting used to them!

Thunder Dave said...

Oops, I forgot, that's odd how much they look like Pac Man!

Caroline said...

I hate the uppermost regions of our house when it involves paintbrushes and ladders...true statement heart clinched between my teeth, boy can I identify with that. Throw me in any depth of water, but don't make me go up a ladder.

kathy a. said...

i'd take the gators over painting at the heights.

Floridacracker said...

LOL! In your cattle trough pond right?

Be right over.
What's for dinner?
Gotta feed the painter.

You have to hold your mouth right and squint real hard to see beauty in a spider.
At least, I do.

I never get used to spiders.

It feels so good to be done on a high spot and climbing down!

Kathy A,
It does seem a lot higher than it is when you are up there ... just as a gator seems a lot longer when you are in the water with them.

Ericka said...

lily pad leaves fascinate me. i like to add water and watch it bead up like mercury. so fun.

for "real" pacman, you can go to google.com/pacman to play the game. so many people played during the 30th anniversary (!) that google kept it.

i have a couple of fishing spiders who come inside to try their luck. they are startling. and also quick.

eek. careful up there.

commoncents said...

Interesting! Just wanted to say I like your blog....

Common Cents

intuitive eggplant said...

Dang, I got all busy and overwhelmed after I read this post and before I had a chance to leave a comment. But I had to stop back by and thank you for sharing those photos. Glad you had a painting-free day! Looking forward to you joining us in the Smackdown. And since I probably won't get a vacation till Sept., everytime I stop by here is a bit of virtual vacation for me :)

Best, eggy

Dani said...

Gah! You and those damn tall ladders!

robin andrea said...

Good call on those lily pad leaves. Definitely a pacman lookalike. Never noticed that before.

Nice spider shots and always good to see a gator!

Brian said...

Love those spider shots.

Floridacracker said...

The pacman tune is stuck in my head now!


I do plan to participate! Must find time!
Glad you get a break when you stop by PF!

It IS ridiculously tall. Yesterday, after getting home around 4:30pm, I climbed up to the very top of my chimney to paint it. Quite a view.
The owl landed nearby at eye level for a few minutes ... which was my paycheck I guess.

It has been so long since I took any gator shots! Terrible for a blog called Pure Florida!

Glad you liked them. We have them everywhere this time of year.