Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pictureless Post

Why pictureless?

I am in a two week training course in Gainesville this week and the next. It's about 40 wacky science teachers (not me of course, I am a model of decorum) ... and it's taught by a neat physics professor from UF.

The class runs from 8am until 3pm, and by the time I get home, it's either time to paint or time to cook supper ... or both.

So there's not a lot of photo taking going on this week, although as usual, I always have it with me.

Except for today of course.
This morning we got to experiment (PLAY!) with dry ice to our hearts content.
It was great! There were great photo ops that I missed, because for once, I forgot to tote my camera along.
Actually, the whole course is great ... just enough lecture and lots of hands on activities.

The whole focus is a deeper understanding of some physical science principles that we teach in our classrooms.
Very good stuff so far and I am in an excellent group with the right mix of old friends and new aquaintances.

And one more excuse for sporadic posting this week ...

I decided to try for a change in my teaching career, so I have applied to the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) as a biology instructor.

It's our highly regarded online school, really a model program that a lot of states envy. I was already set up to teach online as a part time addition to my regular classes in the upcoming year for extra dough, but since then, FLVS has announced a full time regular biology instructor vacancy (vacancies?) , I have applied for that also.

It'll mean big changes in my teaching life if I get it, but change is good.
Teaching at FLVS is a work at home ... work anywhere situation.
I have friends who are working for FLVS now and they are very busy, but they all love it.
This past school year, Junior took two courses through FLVS and it was a really neat experience.
I have to say I was impressed with the course and the FLVS teachers who stayed in contact us as he progressed through the course.
The current classroom teaching situation is nice too, so it's good either way, but I am thinking I would like to stretch a little ... maybe step outside of the bricks and mortar box for a change.

So how does this affect my posting this week?
I have HOMEWORK!!!


To teach for FLVS, even in the part-time position that I have scheduled, I have to complete a training course, and I have to have it done by late July when I go nawth for a face to face training session.

Soooooo, I am working on that course each evening and should actually be doing that right now ... ahem, I guess I should get busy now and do MY HOMEWORK!

Maybe this weekend I can get a photo or two deserving Pure Florida exposure.

That is an assignment I look forward to completing.


Cathy S. said...

Hmm. I have mixed feelings about this career change of yours. The virtual classroom will be great for you and will allow you the freedom and flexibility a 7 to 5 (or sometimes 10) job doesn't give you now. But, I can't help but feel sorry for the kids who will never get to sit in your real classroom because I know you influence more than the scientific part of your brain.

Cathy S. said...

not your brain, theirs. Sorry.

intuitive eggplant said...

Both your training seminar and FLVS sound so intriguing, and I'm guessing online education will only get better and bigger. Good to change things up sometimes, eh? I am just entering into a job change myself and definitely looking forward to new challenges.

Too bad no picture this post, but glad you are enjoying what you're doing.

Pablo said...

You never cease to amaze!

Cousin Tina said...

Great opportunity and it gives you more time to cook more yummy stuff to make us salivate.

Bill said...

Go for it!
I know you can knock it out of the park.


Dani said...


FC, you are one AWESOME man!

robin andrea said...

I agree with PABLO. You never cease to amaze. If you need a letter of reference, I think there's about a million of us who would gladly sign on!

roger said...

homework!!!!! sounds like a very interesting virtual school. i do agree with cathy s tho. a live human being conveys ever so much more than mere subject matter.

Arkansas Patti said...

Big sigh. I am happy for you but sad for your students and all the hands on projects you do that make learning such fun. You actually made me care about prawns and to think they are cute.
While you are perfect for a virtual school, I'm just sad for those vulnerable kids who won't get that personal touch.
Here comes the future. Enjoy.

threecollie said...

You are a very busy man! I hope the new position becomes yours and turns out to be just what you are hoping.

Floridacracker said...

Y'all, I only applied to the full time FLVS. Lots of competition out there.
I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch and all that.

Cathy S,
I know what you mean... and I know who you are thinking of.
He did really well this past year.

Those kids are often bored in today's totally inclusive classroom. It's hard to reach the many low readers in our classes and not lose the highly skilled ones ... not to mention the middle.
If he is a self-starter, FLVS might be the thing to try.

I HATE to post without a picture. It's the way I like to tell my stories, but I am in a temporary deficit.

Whew! Oh brother where art thou?
Man is it good to hear from you!
You just made my day.

Cuz Tina,
Hey girl! Love to hear from you! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

You wouldn't be on the board of directors or anything would you?
Thanks bud!
In St.Augustine Saturday for a Mom chore list.

I fall so short of awesome. But, thank you anyway!
When I saw Pablo's comment, the second thing I thought was, "Dani is going to be so excited!"

A million sounds real good!

You and Cathy are right, but the FLVS model really includes a lot of teacher student contact.
It's different of course, but the relationship is there.

Thank you for the kind words and your faith in me.
The good news is I am contributing two daughters who show every sign of being great teachers in a year or two.

Busy is something you know really well! So, I value that statement.

Cathy S. said...

Oh, great news that our friend had a good year!

kathy a. said...

you are a great teacher. seeing the fabulous hands-on work you do with your students, i also feel a little sad that this new kind of teaching wouldn't include the field trips, aquaculture experiments, etc.

but i'm equally sure you will find ways to be *virtually* hands-on. you've managed that with us, an unruly bunch of internet citizens, some of us [me] lacking much scientific training.

one of my sisters finished her BA and got an MA via online courses. she has nothing but good to say about these programs, and felt she had much more teacher contact than in a traditional classroom. most of her classes included group projects, which surprised me, but i think the internet format actually facilitated group work.

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
Thanks for that insight!
As I said, my son took 2 courses and I was impressed with the whole process.
When I spoke with the teacher on her calls, I could tell she had a feel for the kind of kid he was ... even though they had never met.