Monday, September 20, 2010

Giant Prawn Harvest, Part Two

The most humane way to kill these prawns is a slushy ice bath. Being a tropical beasty, the icy water quickly dispatches them.
It also serves the purpose of preventing mushiness in the meat as the prawns contain an enzyme that will quickly break down the muscle tissue if not chilled after death.

I was making blackened tilapia that night, so I cooked the tilapia first and then, after the smoke cleared, the shrimp.

Before cooking the shrimp, I wiped down the cast iron skillet to get rid of any blackening seasoning, as I wanted to taste these shrimp plain on this first taste test.

4 big prawn tails went into a hot skillet with just a smish of EVO, and in a minute or so they were done.

Here's my plate.
Fresh green beans stirfried in a wok with little more than sesame oil, salt, and a spritz of teriyaki sauce, accompanied by some blackened tilapia filet, a sample of this years datil pepper sauce, and two prawns.

They were delicious and so fresh!

I give them an A++.


Sharon said...

That looks fabulous!

kevin said...

I've found pinching the heads off dispatches them pretty quickly. I guess the ice bath would work too.

Good looking meal.

LaDivaCucina said...

OH man. How many are in the tank, FC? How fast do they multiply? Were they sweet? What time is dinner? I make a MEAN Asian orange blossom honey shrimp and Diva knows you have a wok. ;)

Miz S said...

Dinner looks yummy! I was in a class from 5 to 9 so all I had was some carrots and a couple of power bars. Woulda rather eaten at PFHQ.

Oh, and humane humans are my absolutely favorite kind.

Octohawk said...

I think it's so damn cool that you raise prawns! They look amazing and fascinating (and pretty delicious). And oh man.. what I wouldn't give for some datil pepper sauce. My friend's dad used to always make it, so I had a steady supply growing up, but they have since moved to Jasper and I'm outta luck.

Thunder Dave said...

No Huajiao with those beans? If you're out I can bring more down!

Floridacracker said...

It was pretty fab!

True. These guys have a little thicker exoskeleton and they have to be iced anyway, so I took the cold route.

La Diva,
I know you can WOK and roll in the kitchen! Bet that recipe is a good one.
I havent' spawned any yet, but it's not impossible.
Only about 70 in the tank ... maybe 80.
It's just a small scale hobby at this time.

Miz S,
Like you, I am kind to prawns so they will remember this in the takeover to come.
Power bars? Try Zone Perfect dark chocolate protein bars. OMG

Hey, if you watch PF, I will soon put up my datil pepper seed offer, for 5 bucks you get seeds and the recipe for datil sauce.

Don't kick me out of China, but it's not my favorite spice.
Must be an acquired taste.

kevin said...

If only the ice water could keep you from getting "horned". Alive or dead, I always get stuck a few times.

Floridacracker said...

These don't seem as "flicky" as saltwater shrimp, so I escaped horning.
Been there done that tho!