Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Coachwhip (?)

A few days ago, I was walking to the parking lot and crossing a narrow grassy median between two busy paved lanes, when I spotted this little fellow in the grass.
He spied me at the same time and took off in the other direction.

I was afraid he would wind up as a snake pancake in the school parking lot, so I dropped my Bubba Keg, my laptop case, and this other bag stuffed full of teachery stuff.
Then, I gave chase.

I did catch him, but not until running around like a maniac, back and forth, and snatching at the grass.
When he was in my hands, I looked up to see the assistant principal and a handful of students staring at me ... with expressions of disbelief.

They could not see the snake from their position, so they were all wondering what the heck had gotten in to me.

This is what got in to me.
Is he not beautiful?
Imagine an eye that big, relative to your face!

There was a little cooler in the JEEP, so I set him in it and took him home where there are not hundreds of kids, school buses, and cars.
In many ways, PFHQ is perfect coachwhip habitat. I have woods, open areas, lots of gopher burrows, and water.
It's like Disneyworld for snakes.

Soooooo, I think it's a young coachwhip, but young black racer seems like a possibility too.
Some of you may be better at juvenile snake ID, so chime in!

My money is on coachwhip for now.

The end of this snake's tale is in the video below.

(No, THIS one did not get loose in the house!)


Island Rider said...

He's so cute! Please tell me that you found Newie and he isn't still hiding in your house!

Aunty Belle said...

wee little tahng! Glad ya saved' I reckon watchin' ya hop around tryin' to snag it was a sight to see....heheheheee.

tai haku said...

I'd agree with coachwhip. Also it is adorable! I miss having snakes in the yard.

David Steen said...

Your tentative identification is confirmed: coachwhip. Good find.

Sayre said...

How adorable! Still, I'm sure Mrs. FC was happy he didn't make it into the house.

kathy a. said...

cute babe!

nfmgirl said...

You mean that juvenile black snakes can look like him? I had assumed that they would be black, especially by the time they were that size. I recently caught two black snakes in our parking lot, one following after the other. I figured it was probably a male chasing after a female.

He/she is a very pretty snake!

SophieMae said...

DUDE! How totally cool! Too bad somebody didn't film the chase. I'd give TWO plug nickels to see that! 8-}

Aunty Belle said...

not that ya need new ideas...but jes' interestin'

Sharon said...

Well ain't he cute :) You know how I am about snakes, but that 4th pic is AWESOME!!! Love it, his markings are striking.

Ericka said...

oh, he (she?) is beautiful! glad you relocated him someplace more conducive to growing up! (and i really wish someone had filmed the chase...)

Deb said...

Cute little bugger. Glad you relocated it to a better place! I would have loved to see the expressions on that assistant principal's and those students' faces.

Miz S said...

Snake on flower picture? Really nice.

When the hell are you getting a book deal? Swear to God, if I had any time on my hands and had any connections, I would work on it.

Dani said...


Buford Nature said...

It is a coachwhip - the big head, big eyes and coloration pattern confirm.

Baby blacksnake is most often confused with a baby corn snake.

Cooachwhip at any age is much faster than a comparably-aged blacksnake.

threecollie said...

Breathtakingly beautiful little snake. Wow!

robin andrea said...

He is beautiful, and what a great rescue. I'm sure he appreciates his new surroundings. Wait til he meets Bear!

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
Fraid so... or he made it out under that door gap I've been meaning to fix.

Heh! I wish I had the video too!

Thanks for the ID info. We have plenty in our yard!

Yes I do. LOL
Glad you liked the artsy shot.

Thanks! Appreciate the confirmation.

I don't think I surprise anyone around here anymore LOL ... unless I wore a TIE to work.

Miz S,
I want you as my agent.

See, I knew you'd say that, you herpophile, you.

Thanks. I always appreciate your professional input when there's an ID question.

What a face huh?

LOL! This snake may finally be something faster than Bear!

amarkonmywall said...

Beeeuuuuutiful! He is so incredibly lovely with those eyes and scales. Thanks! I'm with Mary. You have enough material for several books, complete with fantastic photos. At the very least you should try for a nice calendar for next year? I loved the Bear calendar but it was sort of limited in it's scope (sorry)- but a Pure Florida calendar with photos and the top leaf of each month with some natural history? It would sell so fast you could retire.

The little video made me wonder who else is in residence in that gopher hole. Neat how many can co-exist in there. Oh, and thank you for your insightful comment at my place this morning. I left you some scat in return. :-)

Thunder Dave said...

Cool looking snake, how big do those dudes get?

Floridacracker said...

It was excellent scat.

About 6 feet, Dave!

Anonymous said...

Those are excellent photos of that snake. I used to see lots of pygmy rattlers and rat snakes when I lived in Florida, but don't remember seeing one like that one.

Floridacracker said...

Hey Seashells!
Welcome to Pure Florida!

SwampAngel65 said...

What a damn cute baby! It's either a little coachwhip like you said, or maybe a baby racer (they are ornery as hell, but to me look more like little cornsnakes)...whatever it is, though, it sure is cute!

forestwalk/laura k said...

very cool snake!! love the eyes!

we have red rat snakes, yellow corns, racers, moccasins...but i haven't seen one like that!! cool pictures!!

Valerie said...

Beautiful snake! Good relocation!