Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stingray Chatter

You are not a redfish.

No, I am not. Now would you please remove your stinger from my snout?

Sorry, I was hoping for a redfish.

YOU were hoping for a redfish? Yet, you let your bait soak on the bottom, still, and lifeless?

I was eating a sandwich ... sorry, Mr. Cranky.

Mr. Cranky? Yes, I suppose I am a wee bit cranky ...MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE YOUR STRANGE CURVED STINGER IS STUCK IN MY LIP?!!!

Oh yeah, hang on a sec, I'm going to have to hoist you up here into the air for a moment to extract that. I promise to release you ASAP.

I'm going into the ice chest, aren't I? This is it for me ... dang ... it's mating season ... just my luck.

No, really. I promise I will let you go. Just come on aboard for a moment.


Chill dude, I just want to take a few pictures of your "privates" to post on the internet.


Relax. It's just for educational purposes. I want the PF readers to know a boy stingray when they see one.

Well ... okay then, but make it quick.

Done. Now roll over ...


Hold still, I just need a shot of your stinger.
And DO not whip that into my flesh.
Been there, done that and it makes me very angry ... and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
Bad things happen to stingrays who sting me.
You get my point?

Okay, Okay, but let's get this over with ... my mouth's a little dry.

All done, back you go.

They are never going to believe this down at the oyster bar.


That's pretty much how it went. Stingrays can be pretty talkative as fish go.

If you go back up to the picture of his white ventral side, those long extensions are claspers. Male sharks and rays use claspers to mate internally. A groove in the clasper transfers sperm into the female.

The sharks and rays are about the easiest fish to sex due to the very obvious claspers on males.

The stinger shot is a little soft. Sorry. I was hurrying since the poor thing was out of the water and forgot to push macro. It's a serrated modified scale with venom glands.

... HURTS like ... well, I'm not allowed to say on this family safe blog. It's pretty incredible though, very impressive, unforgetable, and way more OUCHIFUL than catfish pokes.

If you noticed the hole in his head behind the eye, ... that beautiful sharky eye, ... the hole is a "spiracle".

It's a way of getting water to your gills when your mouth is usually against the muddy bottom.

Very clever.

If you choose to handle one, keep your hands and body away from the pointy end.


eileeninmd said...

Amazing photos and post!

Stacy said...

I remember being chased by a stingray when I was a kid, in the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. Thing was no larger than my head but was sufficiently torqued enough to chase me onto a rock. Heyyyy, that looks like him now:


The Florida Blogger said...

When I was out yaking last weekend around Apollo Beach, the bottled nose rays were abundant. They were in groups which were odd to see.

threecollie said...

Neat! Love the way the sun sparkled on the water in the video.

Florida Beach Basics said...

very interesting - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great post, FC. I'm more familiar with the larger rays without stingers.

and of course the ones with four on the floor, which I coveted as a teenager.

tai haku said...

aww cute little ray that. I caught an absolute monster in the keys a couple of years ago and it is safe to say the release wasn't quite as smooth as that.

Anonymous said...

♥i love your blog so much♥

Deb said...

Cool creature! Glad you stayed away from the pointy end.

Miz S said...

How did you manage to handle it that closely and not get whipped by the tail? I mean, I know you have super-powers and all, but still.

Bill Webb said...

I've admired that header scene many times, and even wondered how it would look with the sun behind it. Now I know. Great photo!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks Eileen!

He chased you?
I have to go to that link!

They are thick as fleas some days.

It was kinda sparkly wasn't it!

Glad you liked it!

I hear ya. We get some monster ones out here too.

Thank you!! Very glad that PF is enjoyable.

I try to make that my motto.

Miz S,
Simple, I stay away from the pointy end.

That may be the most photo'd building in northwest FL!

kathy a. said...

pretty racy stuff!

"stay away from the pointy ends" is good advice with cats, too, although cats don't have the secret sauce.