Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Huh? (Updated)

Perhaps they meant, "Florida Wild Pteradactyl Association".

Now, there's a charity I could donate to.


Since I had a chuckle at the display box, let me do the right thing and say that the FWMA seems to be a legitimate wildlife rehab/rescue organization.


Prem said...

A mammal charity that can't ID the difference between a seabird and a mammal?

Smells kinda fishy to me...



Anonymous said...

Ineptly named, but quite legitimate. Some of the photos in the blog resemble FC's property and wildlife.

Florida Wild Mammal Association
Established 1994
"Dedicated to the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Injured and Orphaned Wildlife and Birds"


R.Powers said...

That was my thought too, Prem.
I see from the next comment that although the donation display may provide a chuckle, the FWMA has responded.

Thank you for that info. While the donation box made me smile, and yes, a little suspicious, I am glad to hear there really is such a thing.
I appreciate the links.

Sayre said...

That's pretty funny - and kind of sad. Perhaps they should add "and Birds" to their title.

Thunder said...

I guess the marketing folks for the charity could use a little edumacation!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Someone gets an "F" on this assignment.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they didn't think you notice. Oooh pretty picture... mammal? bird? Whatever... send money quick.

SophieMae said...

*sbert* Just one more reason to love living in Wakky-County. I'm so prowed.

R.Powers said...

I do always wonder about boxes like this in a store. I just don't see the accountability in a system like that.
Every little country store around here seems to have a jar with a slit in the top and some injured kids face on the front asking for donations.
How do we know it gets there?

I like the "click the paypal" button method rather than the "drop your change and trust in the honesty of store clerks" method.