Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Inordinate Fondness For Shrimp Boats

Confession time: I love boats. I figure a person needs about 7 boats to be complete, but that's another story. This confession is about my school girl crush on shrimp boats. I just love 'em.
I love them tied to their moorings on foggy mornings.
I love their rusty anchors and wonder, "if that anchor could talk..." .
The impossible Rube Goldbergian rigging? Yes, I love it too.
This is a "door". The cone-shaped trawl net is held open by two of these "doors" that keep the net opening wide as the boat drags the net through the sea.
Gotta love that.
Nets ... I love all kinds of nets anyway, so that is a given.
And who wouldn't love a T.E.D?
Even scuppers bring me joy. Maybe it's just "scuppy love" ... I don't know.
 Even at rest, big, brawny shrimp boats look like they are jostling for position.

I love working shrimp docks, the rustic, worn wood well marinated in the smell of salt,sweat, and seafood.
I love to see the old hanging on, and coexisting with the new. Often, I do not love the new so much.
I would love to be on this shrimp boat as she heads out for a night of shrimping. Only once has that happened, but I was one happy sailor.

You might say, " I was lovin' it".


Moultrie Creek said...

Couldn't agree with you more! Nice shots . . . Tarpon Springs?

Not so many on the San Sebastian these days, but next time you're over this way you should visit the shrimping exhibit at the Lighthouse. Lots of old friends there.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I've always had a fascination with shrimp boats as well. They're beautiful boats - no matter how old and beat up they may appear.

When I was a kid my Dad used to sing this song every time he'd see one.

"Shrimp boats are a comin, they're comin tonight"

I can't remember the rest of the song so now I'm off to call Dad.

Thunder Dave said...

You're not going to get an argument from me.
I remember getting up with my roomate early enough to meet the shrimp boats at the fish market to get rock shrimp for $1.99/lb, but that was years ago!

Now I know it wasn't the shrimp so much as the boats that got us up so early! ;-)

Sandcastle Momma said...

Called Dad - the song was Shrimp Boats are a Comin by Jo Stafford.

Glad he remembered. I hate it when half of something gets stuck in my brain LOL

kevin said...

I miss the shrimp boats and fish markets on the San Sebastian. I used to walk down there with my grandmother to get shrimp, a long, long time ago.

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

These are all fabulous shots!! So glad I happened to find your blog today and give you a follow. Please come by and say hi sometime ;o)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

What's most interesting is how functional they are, although I am a land lubber/fresh water guy myself.

Caroline said...

Ain't many shrimp boats in South Dakota to admire from any angle :o)

Bill said...

When we had the grocery store we used to deliver groceries to the boats before they went out. In college I worked at Desco and delivered all the materials to the line that built the wooden Shrimp boats, 2 per week. I figured in the two years I worked there I touched every part that went in to over 100 shrimp boats. I get very nostalgic when I see a shrimp boat. You my friend have once again made my day. Thanks for sharing.


Floridacracker said...

No, Apalachicola and Carrabelle.

I remember hearing that song.

Whew, that was a while ago. Rock shrimp were the HOT item for a while.

Me too bro. I got some shots in Apalach that remind me of Salvador's Seafood Market.

Hey SallyLee!
Welcome to Pure Florida!

They are SO seaworthy. Workhorses.

Now why is that?

Thanks for sharing that. Terry worked out there too. He used to come home covered in itchy fiberglass dust.

Anonymous said...

Who could resist a face a figure like hers?

And seriously - not to worry about the spam thing. It comes with the blogging territory and we all deal with it from time to time.

Sharon Robison said...

I am an author and I am looking for a picture of an old wooded shrimp boat to be used for the cover of my next book. The picture must have been taken by you and you must sign a release allowing me to use the picture at no cost. I will give you credit for the picture on the cover.
contact me at:

Carolina HeartStrings said...

LOve your pictures. My boyfriend shrimps with a custom rig he designed for a pleasure boat.But he gets a commercial license. Loved Florida when I lived there for 10 years. Coastal SC is home now! Love it AND what shrimp boats are left :(