Friday, April 01, 2011

Skunk Ape?

I hesitate to share the attached video file due to the odd nature of the events it documents. You can judge for yourself.

As for me, well, all I can say is spring is a strange time for us here on Florida's last frontier.
There was that oil strike a few years ago, a meteor strike about this time two years ago, and who can forget the strange artifacts that turned up when I dug a little aquaculture pond?

Spring in Florida is just weird.


Anonymous said...

Happy April Fools Day to you, too, Floridacracker!

Sandcastle Momma said...

I've been waiting all day - I just knew something strange would happen at your place. I think I've seen one of those - but never sober LOL

Floridacracker said...

Is it April already? I feel somewhat akin to a fool. Must change the calendar.

You have seen a drunk skunk ape?

cndymkr / jean said...

You are too funny. I thought you had forgotten what day it was. I'm glad I stopped back here tonight. Thanks for the giggles.

threecollie said...

You did it again! Surpassed yourself that is! rofl

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are funny.

Nicolezmomma said...

Ha ha. We thought we had a Skunk Ape once too.

Turns out we were mistaken, but I was visualizing that it looked just like yours.

Sayre said...

Not showing this to my boy without explanation - he'll never go in the woods again!

Good one!

edifice rex said...

lol!! I waited all day yesterday also and finally gave up about 9:00 last night. good laugh for this morning though!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Darn those skunk apes. They hate being filmed. Be glad you got what
you did.

They are cute though. In a stinky, matted, hairy sort of way.


robin andrea said...

Around here we call that Big Foot or Sasquatch. I didn't know you had such creatures at Pure Florida. You just never know what's going to show up at your place on April 1st. Pretty spooky cool stuff!

Caroline said...

Man, you have been hanging out with middle school kids WAAAAy too long!

villain281h said...
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cinbad122 said...

OK nerd! Especially in your Star Wars T-shirt. You have entirely too much time on your hands. Come clean my house if you need something to do!

amarkonmywall said...

Spring at PF is just weird. I'd forgotten all about April Fools until Rich said this morning that he hadn't heard any reference to it or pranks. And then I thought, April Fools? The Cracker!

SophieMae said...

HA! That'll teach me to go to bed early. Shoulda known you'd come up with something before midnight. Good thing that's not smell-a-vision!

My word today is nosesses. *heheheh*

Floridacracker said...

We do giggles here!:)

Whew, it was down to the line this year!

Thanks, usually people end that sentence with "odd", so I appreciate it!

You just never know where they will turn up.

Just tell him to run like hell anytime he here's a rustling in the bushes.

Fow a while, I was afraid I would have to drive to your time zone just to make the deadline!

It's the deodorant companies and their marketing that make us think the skunk ape stinks. He's just natural.

Apparently, like coyotes, the big foot clan are quite nomadic and adaptive.

I have no way to refute that accusation, it is waaaaay too true. LOL!

Ok, but I don't do windows.

Hey girl, well, yes it is quite odd here... most days, but April does seem to be exponentially odder.
I am glad you thought of me when you thought of fool's day!

I am working on smellovision for my food posts.
Glad you liked the skunkie.

ImagineMel said...

totally shared all your April Fool's posts with my students Friday...they now know how susceptible to trickery I can be...

Thunder Dave said...

Too funny! We always look forward to April 1st!

Native Mom said...

My how Bear has grown!

Carol said...

LOL...that was great!!!

Floridacracker said...

Whew! Thank you for the comments.
Maybe next April 1 will be nice and normal.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Oh, oh, oh. Checking in late on my rebuilt laptop. I have missed PF so! Odd, but I've referred to you as a Skunk Ape on more than one occasion...rarely spotted outside the palmetto scrubland...a bit reclusive and mysterious.
That thing has very loose skin, almost looks like it's not getting enough to eat.
Favorite parts: The sonorous and convincing breathing, and the little ant that goes careening over the leaves in the final shot. A cryptozoological art film. Bravo!

Floridacracker said...

I have to go back and look for the ant!
Palmetto scrub is notoriously short of nutrients, hence the skinny factor on this apparent skunk ape.