Friday, August 26, 2011


Roadside scenery on the way home from work.

How could one not stop for spoonbills?
I could not resist.
The Jeep rolled to a stop on the skinny road shoulder and I stepped out expecting them to fly away, but the just kept preening, yawning, and quietly honking in a nasally, ibissy way.

Oh, and there was stretching too.

Today, if they are there, I will have to resist the call of the pink.

It's that time again ...

I'm off to my high school class reunion.
SAHS Class of 1976, I'll see you at the White Lion for happy hour.


Deb said...

Have fun at the reunion! I've never been to one. Class just too big and all that.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Aren't they the most beautiful birds ever?!. At a Wildlife area near where we live here in INdiana there was one a couple of years ago. Only the second record. We named it Pinkie. Great excitement here. I am glad to know they are appreciated where they are supposed to be too.

Pablo said...

I went to my HS reunion earlier this month. Also the class of '76 (though you're still older than I am!). It was good to see the old faces (in both senses of the word), but I really had nothing in common with them any longer than the four years we spent together as little more than children. I guess I'll go back again in another 35 years.

Floridacracker said...

Deb and Pablo,
I haven't missed one yet, and though it's fun to see the peripheral friends, it's really the smaller core of tight friends I hung with that makes it so fun to be there.
Tonight is the big event, last night was a mixer at a bar we all spent too much money at long ago.
My closest high school friends read PF, because we havent lost touch, but I did find one classmate who reads PF and had no idea the crazy person behind it was me!
That was fun.
Small world.

I think these beauties are a special thing no matter where they turn up!
Like dolphins!

cinbad122 said...

Holy moly you're old! ;) Just kidding. I guess your drive home is better now. More interesting stuff to see.

mkircus said...

I was fortuate to spend breeding season only a few minutes away from a rookery of thousands of breeding bird, including roseate spoonbills. Hot pink, red, yellow, and orange with that one little neck stripe of dark blue. OH MY!And to see and hear a pair fighting over a nest stick. They used their bills like swords with much rattling.

Dina said...

Now that's my kind of after work stop. You could have stopped in somewhere for a drink but no, you stop on the side of the road to take pictures of spoonies. Love the shots!

robin andrea said...

Those spoonbills are just so pink and beautiful. What a color!

cuz Tina said...

Memories... I remember the white lion. I was there with Terry years ago.

Julie Zickefoose said...

God, you're old as dirt. My 35th HS reunion is this year, too, so I can say that, because I am older than dirt.
Like we humans, spoonbills look the prettiest when they're newly minted, before all their hair falls out and reveals the green, wrinkly skin beneath...
Can you hear me cackling, in a nasally, ibisy way?