Sunday, August 28, 2011

Post Reunion ... The Slow Way Home

Well, ... no, not that slow.

I wish.

If you dropped in for my last post, you know I've been at my high school reunion this weekend.

It was a blast and miraculously ... no one had changed a bit.
Everyone looked exactly like their yearbook pictures ... it was pretty amazing.

Of course, we all grew up in a town with the REAL Fountain of Youth, so it's really NOT that surprising.

Sorry, no pictures today to prove that claim ... I took a blue million pics last night, but almost all of them were on other people's cameras.

"Here, take one with mine."
"Mine too."
"Mine is the big one by my purse."

And ... there is the issue of courtesy. I think my friends deserve the chance to OK any photo I would post here, so perhaps in a future post ...

It was a heck of a lot of fun though and I look forward to the next one in about 5 years.

The class of '76 has too much fun together to wait ten years between reunions.
We are on the 5 year plan.

Right now, I'm somewhere on SR 40 west of Ormond Beach using McDonalds' wifi and sipping their excellent ice tea (unsweetened of course).

I've got my Florida State Park Pass in my pocket and plan to hit a string of parks in the DeLand area ... Blue Springs, DeLeon Springs, maybe Lake Woodruff NWR, and who knows after that.

Whatever happens on the slow ride home, you know I'll share it with you.

Now, the JEEP is calling.

Gotta go.



Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Oh my! We were across the street from each other at 11:01a this morning! I was at Publix on Granada! I went down to Ormond Beach yesterday. I took A1A from from St Augustine so I could ride along the water. Beautiful! The waves were still pretty big. Took the same route home. Just got home a little while ago.


WV: miste

The top of the waves in Daytona Beach were miste yesterday when the wind blew the water backwards!

kevin said...

FC, hope you made it back to PFHQ in good time and condition. It was good seeing everyone again, I'm looking forward to the next reunion too.

Bring the Glock next time you're over with some time. We can make some noise at the range.

robin andrea said...

Ah yes, the problem with moving 3000 miles from where I graduated high school. Never been to a reunion, but I've seen a lot of pics from the old gang. It always looks like a very fun time. Lucky you were able to go.

Dani said...

Good Times!

Floridacracker said...

That is too funny. What are the odds?

That sounds great!
Have gun, will travel.

I'm thankful for name tags. Perhaps there was SOME changes.

It was that!

lisa said...

Glad you had a good time, we don't have school reunions, so you are lucky. We went to just one of the hubbies and I don't know if they have had anymore since.