Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beach First, Work Second.

We took time to hit the beach before going to work at Mom's house yesterday. On every previous trip, I had promised myself that I would hit the beach after the work was done.

I never got there as we always worked until dark.

So, yesterday, with Junior and Bear along for the ride, I turned the JEEP onto SR 206, slipped across the long bridge over the intracoastal, and cruised down onto Crescent Beach ... before checking in at Mom's

The beach access sign said, "4 Wheel Drive Only".
The JEEP smiled knowingly.

As soon as the doors opened, Bear took Junior for a run.

A boy and his dog.

Junior helped Mom put up her Christmas yard decorations out front while I got things ready for rail installation on the wheelchair ramp.
A little history ...

My Dad, a polio survivor, fell and broke his knee a while back. He's mending, but going down the porch steps with a brace, a crutch, and a weak leg has proven to be not only more difficult, but more dangerous.

A ramp would make life easier for both he and my Mom, and so the ramp project was born.

The bulk of the ramp was built over the last few weekends by my brother and I. So far, it has consumed about 3-4 Saturdays ... which is not that bad I suppose for a couple of guys who have never built a wheelchair ramp before.
I researched ramp slopes and features, scratched out a plan, and the rest morphed out as my brother and I worked on those previous Saturdays.
My brother picks up a lot of the parental chores since I am far away, so Junior and I slipped over unannounced to give him a break.

All we had to do on this trip was trim the 4x4's down and install some sturdy railing.

And, any other errand that Mom came up with during the day.

We worked steady, only stopping to eat and dash to Home Depot for wood and carriage bolts.
Junior turned out to be an excellent sidekick and we soon fell into a good work rhythm.
The sun set before we finished (surprise!) and the last two rails went on in semi-darkness. Every so often, one of us had to jump around in the target zone of the security light so we could see what we were doing.

This added a bit of comedy just when we needed it.

Eventually, that last rail went up and we could could call this project complete.

Yes, still tweakable, but complete and ready for use.

After dark again.

Always go to the beach first.


threecollie said...

Beautiful ramp, beautiful dog, beautiful folks....nice beach too.

Thunder Dave said...

Good job!

robin andrea said...

Exactly what threecollie said.

Deb said...

Those waves are beautiful...and can that dog and that boy ever run!

I'm sure that ramp will be a big boost for your dad's spirits. It's so important to be able to get out of the house safely and independently.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

You're a good son!

Miz S said...

Bear sure looks happy to be out with his boy and his dad.

Kudus to you and your bro and Junior too. Things will be easier for your dad with that ramp.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful what you are doing; family is all-important. Haven't been to the beach in ages--it's a bit of travel from kc, but being on the beach is one of my most favorite things in life.

Dani said...

Wooohooo!!!!! That is one great lookin' ramp!

Floridacracker said...

You are too kind.

I told him, "No Wheelies!"

Exactly what I said to her!

They both are like oddly shaped deer when it comes to running.
Poof! and they are 100 yards away.

He's a good Dad!
Payback time. :)

Miz S,
Thanks, the side effect is that it is much easier for Mom too. She has already commented on that.

I need to do more beach posts for ya!

Thanks Dani! That is my seal of approval.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. And you are a good son. I know what you are talking about with the spot light and was picturing you or your son jumping waving your hand over your head as I read the story. Lori in Marietta Ohio

roger said...

nice ramp. nice day. another project well done. with beach time!

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