Saturday, December 17, 2011


 This spindly datil pepper never was properly transplanted last spring, never got moved out of the shady light near the house, and often wasn't watered.

All summer long it grew between the house and the surrounding oaks, receiving just a few hours of direct light and longing for the sunny garden spot where a dozen datils basked in the best light at PFHQ.

A few weeks ago, we had our first freeze, just barely freezing mind you, but enough to cause the garden datils to give it up.

Not this little guy.

Apparently the warmth of the west facing house wall and the warmer air beneath the live oaks kept it ... not only alive, but fairly frisky.

Micro-climates, folks.
... or maybe in this case ... Nano-climates.

Speaking of "Nano-" ... I am reading "Micro" on my Kindle Fire. 
Created by the late Mr. Crichton and finished by one of my favorite writers, Richard Preston.
Lots of fun, and you can tell as you read it that it should be a "Jurassic Park" style blockbuster movie in the near future.
 Bear has no time for novel reading at bedtime or any other time.
He knows I'm off for Christmas break and that means we are going on adventures.
He is impatient to begin.
Lastly in this potpourri, I found a new money pit project for my pal, Kevin.
Is she a beauty or what?

Now, I must go.
Bear, Junior, and I have a mission to accomplish.

I will, of course, blog about it.


threecollie said...

Hooray for missions with fine sons and wonderful dogs and for tough little pepper trees that just keep going.

Island Rider said...

Youngest son's fiancee leaves for Flagler College in January. While in St. Augustine this week job hunting, she tried a strawberry datil popscicle at the Hippo. Said it set her mouth on fire! Happy Adventures! Will it include Chrsitmas shopping?

Suwannee Refugee said...

What kind of truck is that? Looks like a job for American Restoration;)

robin andrea said...

Nice datil pepper story, and that is a beautiful truck.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, she is definitely a beauty! I totally dig it. Happy missioning!

Floridacracker said...

Yes! I can cheer for that!

Mostly, it included drilling, wrenching, and sawing! I avoided the shopacalyptic traffic scenes.

That is an old Jeep pickup.

Pretty cold out there this morning, but again, I think the pepper survived.

She has great potential!

Donnie Helmly said...

I live in Palm Valley, just north of St Augustine, and south of Jacksonville Beach. I keep my Datil Pepper plants in 5 gallon buckets, and take them inside when it is going to frezze. I enjoy fresh peppers year around, and have for 52 years. Palm Valley born and rasied. Love your site. Donnie Helmly