Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aquatic Frolic 2012

Ahhh ... serenity.


Rob abandons ship.

Junior showed up with a huge box which held an even hugermongous raft.
This device was enormously popular all weekend, even on the first day when a rain squall passed over the camp.

Jonathon abandons ship.

The raft became a huge wrestling arena for a while ... boys being boys and all that.

Post wrestling recharge time. It turns out the raft was good for just laying back and chilling out ... who knew?

Even on vacation , even out at sea, you need to stay physically fit. Here we see an exercise known as "curling the Eagle Scout dude".

Its important to stretch after a workout.
"Pilinglates" is good for keeping those muscles and joints in good shape.

Its a lot quieter down here.


Sharon said...

that is one AWESOME raft

Kaybe said...

Come On! That's awesomeness!

Floridacracker said...

The sheer raftiness of that raft IS pretty awesome.