Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Camp For Prawns

The picture above shows just a sample of the 2400 prawns from my school aquaponic project.

They were housed in a 300 gallon livestock tank inside the lab at Cedar Key School since their arrival a few months ago.

With the end of the school year, they had to come home with me, so they are now cruising around in my old Tilapia RAS.

I brought them home in stages over a few days, dipping them a few at a time with a large aquarium net, and then transporting them in an old plastic barrel.

I had every intention of counting them to see what the total count leaving school might be, but I have decided to worry about a final count at harvest time.
The invoice said "2400 PL's" and I am going with that as my starting number.

These little guys are tropical, so I treat them just like tropical fish from the store when I have to move them to new digs.

After dipping them from the transport barrel, I suspended their bucket in the RAS tank by bungee cords and let them acclimate slowly.

Then they were released into their expansive new summer home.

Thank you Mr. Bungee for your cool invention.

These pics were taken almost two weeks ago. The prawns seem to be doing great so far.
We are expecting some tropical rains this week, but as long as the storm doesn't knock the power off for a few days, the tiny prawns should be okay.

Their are a lot of them, but they are very small and in ALOT of water relevant to their size,

The video below shows why I gave up counting the little shrimpy dudes.


Linda Starr said...

Whenever I tell someone about prawns they don't know what I am talking about, all prawns are shrimp, but apparently all shrimp are not prawns, love the top photo, just wonderful.

threecollie said...

Your posts on aquaculture and ocean things always fascinate me. I never saw the ocean until I was 18 or so, but sure liked what I saw.

Caroline said...

Daughter #1 will soon start the Summer Camps for kids at the Textile Center in Minneapolis. My guess is that your prawns will be less difficult than some of her larval human students :o)

Deb said...

They look like the walleye fry I sometimes stock in the spring. The young walleyes are counted by volume, although I sometimes wonder if they aren't just giving an educated guess.

Unknown said...

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