Monday, January 19, 2015

Feeling Low ... Winter Tides

We Earthlings are closest to the Moon at the turn of the year.
All that cosmic coziness gives a little extra tug on the tides in the winter.
Mix a little perihelion with a full moon and you get tides like you see below.

On this morning in early January, it looked like you could walk to Seahorse Key off in the distance.
The sand bar in the foreground is the "Sandspit" at beautiful Cedar Key, Florida.
Not seen is the fact that it goes on and on to the right of this photo.
I like going out on the Sandspit on a warm summer night with a good headlamp.
You can see all kinds of critters creeping about in the mud in the dark.
I posted about this back in 2008.

(It's worth a click on that link just to see baby Bear dog)

How low can you go?

Besides a change in scenery, these super low tides concentrate and strand marine life, making the grocery getting much easier for these wood storks and white pelicans.
Ya gotta get while the gettin' is good.


threecollie said...

I have always loved your blog, but having visited your neighborhood it means even more. Thanks

robin andrea said...

Are these minus tides? Or lower than usual, but not minus? We are expecting King Tides here on the west coast over the next three days, really high high tides. Interestingly, there is a minus tide following. The swing is more than ten feet. Lots of birds and other critters do enjoy this. Love seeing the low tide there.

Miz S said...

I remember that post! I sure hope I make to beautiful Cedar Key someday.

lisa said...

Winter blues, we all go through those this time of year. Even though your winters are totally different than up here in the NorthEast.

Wally Jones said...

I love the smell of low tide in the morning!
So much life to see out there.
Great post!

kevin said...

Happy Birthday Bro. You're getting old!