Sunday, January 04, 2015

Bears, Horses, and Diamondbacks

Bear and I went on a rare solo walk, sans Coquina yesterday. 
It's not that Keena wasn't welcome, she just happened to be napping after several days of having too much fun with Katy and Robert's dog, Doug.

It was supposed to be just an in and out short walk as I had deck work to do, but Bear put on his stubborn hat and headed towards the southwest corner of PFHQ.

So I followed.

When I caught up with Bear, I found he had led me to some kind of Equine United Nations summit.

There was a paint, a pony, a magnificent tall brown horse, and hidden behind that horse, a donkey.
When the horses, et al, saw Bear, they all came trotting over to the fence.

There were introductions.

The paint, a favorite horse flavor of mine was the most cautious, but it (he/she?) finally walked over to the fence for a closer look at the two strangers.

The huge brown horse was the ham of the bunch, leaning way over the corner fence post for some nose rubbage.

He even did a quick photo bomb when I tried to get a photo of the donkey.
What an Ass!

I was able to get this shot of the donkey when Bear distracted The Browninator with a little excited dog muttering.
Bearsy was pretty good for a dog who hasn't had much horse contact at all.
No barking, just some Lab talk.

After a little while, Bear's interest turned elsewhere and we headed along the fence and back to the house.

As we passed the diamond back terrapin sunning tank, Bear stopped and did a quick count.

Yup, two diamondbacks.
All is well.

"Terra" (top)
"Marina" (bottom)


J D Mccormick said...

Donkeys and bears and horses and terapins o my! Plus a long walk in a Florida woods...what deck project?

Julie Zickefoose said...

Swooning here. Dogs take us on the best walks. About to do that right now, in fact. I love the photo of Bear staring into his natural element! I'm also taken with the paint. That's a Medicine Hat, or a horse so marked as to seem to be wearing a dark hat on its white head. I probably don't need to tell you that horse has powerful medicine in Native American spirituality. But I will anyway. I can feel it from here ;)

Heather McC. said...

Bear is one handsome hunk of a Labrador. ;-) He looks like a darker version of my old boy who passed away about six months ago, at age 15. (He was a big sized chocolate) How old is he now? I started reading right about the time you brought Bear and I think it was Gumbo home. 8 years maybe?

Aunty Belle said...

pls see comment on Red Bay post

robin andrea said...

What a lovely walk. It was really so nice of Bear to take you out!

Mark P said...

Great dogginess, horsiness and terrapiness.

Wendy H. said...

Bear did good! Love the extroverted brown horse. :)