Thursday, April 09, 2015


Hagen's Cove is a public park just north of the picturesque town of Steinhatchee, Florida. 
It's a long way from just about anywhere, but that's a plus in my book.
The park allows the public access to a large shallow bay on the Gulf.
The size and shallowness of this bay is what makes it such a dog friendly place. You can spread out with your pups and not be a bother to the dogless folks.
We kept our furry companions close leashed as we walked out past the shoreline sunbathers and waders.

Once we were far out in the bay, yet still in clear knee deep water, we let those doggies run!

But enough of my view, I'll let the dogs tell the story. It was their day in the sun after all...

Bear: "Well, at first we were on the leash, and it was fun and all, but little did I know we would be leashless in just a few moments.
I led the way of course, being senior in command."


"We were like a pack of wolves, ...SEAWOLVES!"

Coquina: "Let me tell the story Bear, ... remember the shark?
Bear: "Yes, that kind of freaked you out."

Coquina: "We were all having fun and then Peanut's Momma Emma casually pointed out a shark swimming between us."

Peanut: "Heh, I'll never forget the look on your face Coquina!   Priceless... "


"Run away, Run away!"

Bandit: "It was just a bonnet shark, but any excuse for a run is a good one!"
Coquina: " At least I didn't go hug my Momma afterwards Bandit."

Bandit: "Hugging your Daddy is pretty much the same thing, Coquina."

Bear: "It was a fun splashy day, even if Emma would not let me eat that hermit crab she found."

Peanut: "It was awesome, even if we all drank too much saltwater... right Coquina? ..."

Coquina: "I only threw up about a gallon back on shore Nut!"

Bandit: "After a while, we were all worn out and just floated around chilling on a beautiful day. My legs are kind of short, so I did more floating than the rest of you."

Peanut: "I liked it when Emma found the horseshoe crab and I got to check it out.  First I smelled it. Then I tried to taste it, but it was all wiggly with lots of pointy pokey parts."

Bear: "I think it was glad to get away from you when Dad released it"

Coquina: "Back on shore, we releashed, but I didn't mind much, because I was so tired and thirsty.
Bear: We went through a gallon of water pretty fast. More bowls next time Humans!"

Upper Left: "Bear"
Upper Right:" Bandit"
Lower Left:" Coquina"
Lower Right:" Peanut"

Thank you puppies for the Hagen's Cove interview. It was an awesome day.

If you are going to Hagen's Cove, I'm sure you will GPS map your route, but if you simply go north on highway 361 out of Steinhatchee, you'll get there in about 20 minutes or less.

At the park, you'll find an observation tower, pavilions with picnic tables, water, and a composting toilet type of restroom.
Nearby is a small boat ramp, but be advised the cove's waters are very shallow.

Going in the fall and winter, maybe without your dogs, is an awesome time to see tons of migrating shorebirds.

Hagen's Cove definitely qualifies as "Pure Florida".


Julie Zickefoose said...

Pure Tonic of Doggie Joy. So good to see how beautifully Peanut grew up! Seeing great dogs in a pack having tons o' fun is exactly what I needed. Thank you for this uplifting post. And for the photo of a startled Coquina. Too darn cute! said...

The pictures are priceless. Looks like so much fun. I guess you don't have to worry bout stingrays? No doggy shuffle?

Island Rider said...

When Cory drinks too much saltwater, she has a problem with the other end which makes for difficult if not impossible beach cleanup. Yuck!

Kathy said...

Love the photos! Labs are the best dogs. What a great day of fun for them!

Wally Jones said...

Thank the pups for the tour!

I look out across that vista and see trout and reds and lazy days.

Think I just talked myself into goin'.

LaDivaCucina said...

PF! What a fun post! I love the photos, so awesome! and there's a doggy named Coquina? Too cute! Thanks for the heads up on this place....maybe I can convince husband to drive day!