Friday, April 03, 2015


Hey owl fans, great news!
Darby sent me photos that she took of the baby owls, now almost 3 weeks since our rescue mission.

The snapped off tree with the nestbox where we placed the chicks back in March.

A watchful parent keeping an eye on Darby as she takes the photos.

 A single chick, sporting a mix of down and "real" feathers. Looks like he's got the owl stare down already.
I hope he's enjoying my clamps.

Here is the picture we all needed to see, taken today by Darby.
Surely everyone who read the previous post about the owl chick rescue effort has wondered if it was worth it,
Did the chicks survive?
Here is proof that all the effort by a handful of people who cared has borne fruit.
Two healthy Barred Owl chicks well on their way to adulthood.

This feels pretty good.


Miz S said...

I have thought about those chicks every day, for real. This is great news.

Gin said...

Kudos, my friend! Thank you for updating the situation. You are truly a good person. Wish I'd had a teacher like you.

robin andrea said...

I had been wondering how these two beauties were doing. So incredibly great to see them looking so good. What a great rescue!

Lisa Greenbow said...

This is a team effort that paid off. Congrats on the rescue success.

Pablo said...

It should feel good! Well done, FC.

Island Rider said...

Pat yourself on the back and pretend it is from us! You deserve it!

Julie Zickefoose said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO SO GOOD!!! Can you hear the whoop all the way from Ohio??? YEAH DARBY!! YEAH FC!!! Blog closure. Well, I guess photos of fully feathered babes would be *real* closure. Not that I'm being pushy. Me? Pushy?


Anonymous said...

Hurray! an update. I was just ready to beg for a follow-up on the owl saga. Thanks to you and your principal for the rescue and pictures.

Sherry Palumbo said...

Awesome and it was amazing how you just climbed up that ladder.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and thanks for the update!! I figured they would make it. You two made the effort. Intention is 9/10 of the law...right??

tammy in lower al.

Marilyn Kircus said...

Thanks for telling us the rest of the story. You definitely deserve to feel VERY good.

Anonymous said...

Hey FC,

Thanks for the update. The little fluffs are looking good. You are such a good guy.


Wally Jones said...

Now, see, if we could just get the so-called "media" to report stuff like this in the morning and then shut up the rest of the day, the world might be in better shape!

Fantastic reporting from the front lines of real life!

Thank you for keeping us updated!

Anonymous said...

Very wonderful news. Do you think the parents would use the same nest box again next year?