Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Late Sunday, just as I was winding down a day of general garden and yard work, something delightful happened. The main task of that beautiful Fall afternoon was setting yet another very long 4x4 post in cement ... all part of my deer fence project.

The worky part was done, so I started walking around grabbing old pots, fertilizer bags, etc. The barn area had gotten a bit junky ... that happens when there are no neighbors to see it. 
So, I did a little sprucing up. (I'm not sure why we use that phrase..."sprucing up", ... are spruce trees neat and tidy?
Nobody says, "I did a little "Oaking up" or "Southern Longleaf Pining up".
... I'm wandering here ... back to Sunday...

Just as I was winding up (tempting to explore that one too..."winding up", but NO), there was this flash of deep orange near an old gate. 

I love these beauties and snatched this one up for a short visit. 
The snake was awesome, you can see that in the video. I do wonder if he wasn't a ratsnake cross. They naturally hybridize and we have about 4 species in this region. 
Whatever the case, it was a great ending to the first real Fall weather weekend of 2018.


Dani said...

Omg what a beauty!!!

Elaine W. said...

These guys are just so pretty. I'm a bit of a recovering snake-a-phobe, and I'm not the least bit afraid of my local red and yellow rat snakes.

Kort said...

He is cool! I had one as a pet in college while at UF. I eventually let it go. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Greenbow said...

I have never seen a red rat snake in these parts. What a handsome snake. I think he was angry with you.

Wally Jones said...

What a wonderful specimen! Thank you for sharing.

joeh said...

First time around I read that as rattlesnake and when I saw the video assumed you are crazy. THen I see it is just a ratsnake, so perhaps you are only a little crazy.

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