Sunday, October 14, 2018


Surprisingly, I have never set a game camera up here at Pure Florida HeadQuarters (PFHQ).
Until now that is.
Oh, I rigged GoPro's in various creative ways ... capturing everything from Gopher Tortoises deep in their burrows to the Florida Skunk Ape.
Still, it wasn't until this year that I mounted a motion sensing, see in the dark, superduper ACTUAL game cam here.
The results have been ridiculously fun for me and I can see this game cam getting moved constantly since PFHQ is a "target rich environment".
Here is a selection from just the first 2 locations.

The first location was on the house fence line facing an area where we toss veggie type food scraps and a little seed and corn.

It's a popular site for the local deer, a fact that was not unknown to me. We can sit on the porch quietly (without Bear and Coquina along) and watch them.


Nice profile, Buttons.

Don't look at the camera!

A little color variation.
Our woods looks awesome in these photos

Bucky passing through.

That's just a small selection of the1100 photos ... mostly of deer that resulted from the first setup of the game cam.

Yesterday, I moved it to the entrance of the "Hobbit Tree".

I placed it facing the entrance and added a big piece of fatty bacon in front of the tree ... oh, and a freshly dead mouse that I trapped.

Then I left it overnight.

This morning, a catbird stopped by.

Yesterday, a lot of empty shots occurred with no critter in sight.

This is the likely cause of that. The game cam senses movement in a wider view than this tree base. This squirrel was probably flitting about all over the area and triggering the sensor.

I had always wondered about the inhabitants of this awesome old gnarly tree.
I pictured something bigger, but the tree is more akin to an apartment building than a single family home.
This is a Wood Rat, Neotoma floridana.
Wood Rats are famous for the size of their nests.
No telling what it looks like deep under the Hobbit Tree.
He got photographed multiple times, but never once did he step out of the entrance.

This pair of coons is sniffing where the piece of fatback was placed.  I didn't get a photo of someone actually eating it, but it's gone at this point.

Surprisingly ... to me at least ... the dead mouse was still there this morning when I recovered the camera.

Thus ends this tail.


Dina Johnston said...

Some cool stuff you caught. Can't wait to see what all the camera picks up.

Miz S said...

Your woods DO look awesome!the hobbit tree is the best.

Mark P said...

The gamecam captures nicely sharp images in daylight. We had one set up some time ago. We got essentially every mammal that walks around up here at night, but mainly deer and foxes.

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