Saturday, November 05, 2005

Things I Learned While Remodeling

I have built a few out buildings and other barny things in my time, but this long period of interior remodeling has taught me a few new things...

1) Even though you know you are saving money by doing it yourself, it is still expensive. Just keep telling yourself, "It would cost twice as much if I was paying somebody..."

2) You can do almost anything yourself, IF you get the right book. I would suggest any of the Home Depot 123 books. They are clear with great step by step instructions...even to the shopping list you will need at the Home Depot store.
Some other useful titles are "Working Alone", although the author might have titled it "Working Alone While Your Family Goes Out Having Fun". I also like " The Very Efficient Carpenter" and "Measuring, Marking, and Layout".

3) Doing drywall stinks, because you really don't know if you did it right until the wall is completely done and painted. What if it's not right? Argghh.

4) Power miter saws and table saws are proof that God loves us.

5) Why in the world is a paintbrush so expensive? It's a stick with hair.

6) It really does pay to do things the slow, correct way when finishing wood. Don't skip the "lightly sand between coats step". The difference is amazing.

7) The new microfiber tacky cloths are reuseable and so much more pleasant to use than the old sticky kind.

8) No matter how hard I try, I can not clean a polyurethaned paint brush for a second use. The next day it is fossilized.

9) Remodeling is a great excuse for new tools. "Honey, if we get this razzledazzlegitzmodunwingding, I can finish the bathroom in half the time." Works like a charm.

10) The weather will be perfect and fishing in the Gulf will be legendary any day you are committed to remodeling inside.

11) It never ends. Posted by Picasa


Laura said...

and then there's the drywall my opinion, that was the worst part of the project!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

I don't even ask anymore, when dpr goes to the store. If he's headed out to the hardware store, I know he's coming home with new gadgets and goodies that will make him very, very happy!

roger said...

i know you aren't doing the work to learn the trades, but i swear, after you put up a lot of drywall, you can see if it's ok before you paint. almost.

i learned about the difference in paint brushes by springing for a really good one. wow.

i use cheap brushes for ureathane.

mmmmmm. tools.

yer fans want pictures of the finished project(s).

Floridacracker said...

How's that kitchen coming?

Tools and toys are the ways to a man's heart. It used to be food, but then we invented the microwave...

This is my first drywall and like most things, I'll do better the next time. Lucky for me, this wall will be panelled with tongue and groove pine paneling.

I will post, but am wanting to get farther along so I can show the evolution of the changes. Stay tuned...

Deb said...

Try building a house "on yer own" sometime. That'll bring out the worst in anyone. ;)

I really screwed up on the drywall in our addition on the cabin. Couldn't wait to put on enough layers of joint stuff; we wanted to MOVE IN, dammit! Oh well, ya live and learn.

Floridacracker said...

I am in awe of what you and the hermit are doing.

Weary Hag said...

Laughing still.

I cracked up on the paintbrush note and also on the second to last statement which is absolute fact - though it doesn't matter where you live... there's a pond out back that always turns to glass with tons of fish ripples every single time Ed starts a project. Every time. Other days the it's so windy he can barely manage the boat ... OR it's pouring rain. Go figure.

Love to come here. You never fail to entertain!

Floridacracker said...

Get your rod, bait, and untie the boat, Then tell Ed to pick up a hammer and some nails. As soon as he does push off and start casting...

Thanks for stopping by. :)