Monday, April 10, 2006

In A Year...

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In a year, I have…

Posted 588 times.
Rarely let a day pass without a post.
Shared 1, no..2, wait... 3 stupid things I’ve done.
Bragged on my kids.
Bragged on my wife.
Bragged on my produce.
Bragged on my remodeling attempts.
Bragged on my dad.
Bragged on my mom.
Shared my losses.
Shared scary news.
Shared some of your losses.
Shared my love of the real Florida.
Shared a weakness or two.
Met some cool folks.
Posed a few puzzlers.
Finally learned to post more than one pic at a time in Picasa. Idiot!
Got back in touch with my college roomie and his wife.
Learned new words like xcvddy, jzaqffg, wpoimf.
Made $22.22 on Google Adsense.
Learned that Missouri is not actually a boring flat place. It has hills. ;)
Created one temporary blog.
Met a great dog who is perfectly behaved.
Rarely updated my blog roll. I just don't. You newbies are in my favorites list instead.
Wondered why so many lurk without commenting.
Noticed more people comment on food posts than any other.
Written more than in the past ten years. It’s the feedback.
Avoided posting on politics.
Shared a journey foreign to most of you.
Softened some attitudes once held.
Hung on to others tightly.
Gained 2 new scars.
Bought a new suit...first one since 1989.
Found a couple of families like my own, raising healthy, happy kids.
Got comments from my cousin Rick.
Got comments from Kevin, my bud since first grade.
Traveled around the sun. Imagine.

...and I have become bound to readers I can't see and a process I can't explain. I'm sure it is a good thing though.

So, let's start the second year of Pure Florida.


Rurality said...

Happy blogiversary! :) I have really enjoyed it. Hope you have many, many more.

pablo said...

Don't forget:

Served as a role model for use lesser bloggers.

pablo said...

"us" not "use."

(See what I mean?)

rick said...

thanks for the ride, look forward to year two keep up the great job!

Deb said...

I was just thinking about all the great folks I've gotten to know through blogging, and you're definitely one of them.

Here's to many more years of Pure Florida! I'll drink a toast to you tonight. Or wait, make that a beer.

roger said...

and a wonderful year it has been. you have enriched our lives with a rich mix of inner and outer stories. we know a very nice family, and we know a lot more about florida, at least a part of it.

thanks. you are a superb blog role model.

we have also noticed that posts about food are popular, and i remember commenting to RD not too long ago that one of your posts was edging into politics. cautiously and nicely. wish i could remember what it was.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Happy blogiversary, FC. I don't remember how we found you, but I am so glad we did. You've definitely enriched our lives. And even though we don't really know each other, it's amazing how much you have become a part of our family. Wishing you many more years of blogging and telling us your stories.

John Cowart said...

I joined your fan club recently so I'll need to scan your archives to catch up. I really enjoy following your blog.

Leslie said...

Thanks a lot, FC. I just spent (wasted?) WAY TOO MUCH time browsing those links. My heart is still pounding thanks to the severed finger incident. Oh my gosh!!!

Mrs.S said...

Gratz on a whole year with hardly a day missed - I bow to your superior blogging abilities and look forward to many years of our excellent writing to come!

Likes2mtnbike said...

Cracker, you are awesome. It's so nice to be reminded that there are good, normal people in this crazy state who love their familys, love their communities, love their way of life, love their dogs and don't get all caught up in the crazy politics of our home state. I come here for a dose of reality and to remember what's real about Florida. Plus I TOTALLY love seeing the Florida-shaped cracker logo. Thanks for helping me stay earth-bound.

threecollie said...

You do a wonderful job here. I am quite new to Pure Florida and to blogging in general, so I hadn't read your archives much until today. This post made me realize just how much thought and effort you put into writing this blog.
I have always been impressed; now I am much more so.
Looking forward to the next year!

Wayne said...

Oh oh, my earlier comment with all its cleverness seems to have been eaten by blogger.

Well, nonetheless - it's a great list that speaks to me too, and a lot of things on there that I recognize I wouldn't have done without blogging.

Congratulations on the past year sharing your wit, kind heart, and intelligence with us. It's always good for me to see these things.

pablo said...

I'm hoping that your next year will give us more tales of your misspent youth as well as more information about your Twig Forest.

kevin said...

A personal mention, I'm flattered.

This is one of the first sites I check when I get home, I look forward to it all day. By the way, yesteday Kelly forwarded(is that a word?) a link to your site to most of her address list. Your readers will grow quite a bit.

Congratulations on your first year!

thingfish23 said...

More Stupid Fc Stories!

...and many happy returns, Floridacracker. God Bless You.


Floridacracker said...

I was almost through this list, typing my personal responses and I misclicked...POOF!
That just shows I'm still learning after a year of this. :)

Here we go again...

When I first started, it was you and Hick who really got my connected with like minds, because of your blog rolls. I used to go back to yours repeatedly checking new links. I love your blog.

I bow to your blognificence sir. You are my first stop of the day most days. As for misspent youth and Twigforest tales...stay tuned.

Rick, Cuz you keep commenting and I'll keep writing.

Thanks. I often think how odd it is to connect with someone in Minnesotarctica who spent their youth in Colee backyard. You and the Hermit, Hick and Uber Husband, Laura and Rich...I was thinking of the bunch when I wrote about "raising happy healthy kids". I see alot of kids in my work who didn't get that. It's so important.

I am in awe of your practical skills and your avoidance of the shift key. I may be more in the middle than you two left coasters, but I always find something to think about at your site.

Of every blogger I read, I think you are the bravest and most honest when it comes to baring your soul. It seems like such a gentle one. Thanks.

It is nice to hear from locals. Fan club? LOL! Thanks.

Blogging is definitely a time sponge. Sorry if the severed finger caused you palpitations. It turned out okay, I'm typing with it right now. Thanks for spending the time.

Mrs. S.,
You are probably my newest commenter and much appreciated. Thanks and take care of yourself :)

You are an enigma wrapped in a mystery...secret profile and all. Thanks for the very kind comment and as for the cracker map...I created that while eating a bowl of chicken noodle soup a few months ago. Thanks again.

I love going to your farm via your blog. Thanks for the kindness.

Thanks. I enjoy your site because I never know what I'll learn there each day...will it be the inner workings of the solar system, southern oscillation re: weather patterns, or how to make a cat carrier from cardboard beer cases.
I love it.

Bro, I guess we can blame this on Mrs. Blackmer, God Bless Her.

There's not only more, but my wife assures me there will most surely be new ones.

Hick said...

Oh! Congratulations! Keep up the good work, your blog is one of my favorites.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks Hick,
As mentioned, yours was one of the first blogs I visited...I believe you were wagon training at the time ;)

Xariklea said...

Here's to another great year for you!

Laura said...

Amen! I raise my glass in toast to you, here's to the next 365 posts and beyond!

Zanne said...

588 times? You've been busy. Congratulations on the one year Crackerversary. I'm telling you how important it was for me to discover that the real Florida still exists. I will admit to getting tearful at my visit to Cross Creek, realizing that the old Florida also existed, regardless of developers attempts to erase it from memory. You often post glimpses into what once was.......bravo.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks. I'll do my best...most of the time.

Thank you. I love your site, I've mentioned before how Vitaminsea seems like a parallel family remodeling, raising teens, boating, and loving Florida. Thanks for your excellent, though very slow to load lately, site! :)

I might not have found your great midwest site if not for the Florida heritage that runs through your transplanted life. I'll keep sharing the real FL.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Happy Blog Anniversary and I've enjoyed learning about Florida on your blog. I have learned that there is much, much more to Florida than simply beaches & Disney World.
I ran across your blog accidently and immediately liked it and put you in my favorites list. I have come to know your family and I am know armed with some FACTS about Florida, so when I visit I can see beyond the beaches to the real Florida and the nice people who live there. Thank you for the education and I look forward to getting to know Pure Florida even more.

Floridacracker said...

Thank you. Like you said, it's a lot more than the touristy advertisements show.

doubleknot said...

I know you recived many comments on this post but I just had to leave one more - thank you for taking me on journeys I would never have been able to.
Happy Blog Day.
My daughter found your blog and told me to check it out. She is the beautiful one that pops up in pictures now and then on my blog.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Aw, Cracker, I wish I had time to go through all of this. You are so beautiful....