Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bluefin Killifish At Manatee Springs

Remember last week, when I had Manatee Springs all to myself?
Well, I wasn't totally alone ...

In the shadowy shallows that surround the main spring, beautiful Bluefin Killifish ( Lucania goodei) were feeling the tug of spring.

In the vegetated shallows, large schools were flitting about like fishy gems. Most seemed to be females, but scattered among the ladies were some awesomely decked out males, who were doing their best to convince the girls that they alone were worth their precious eggs.

Here's a sporty male killifish.
He turned out to be the only reasonably sharp male photo of the day.
(It was the first time using the Olympus Tough camera, so the fault is my ignorance, not the camera's quality.)

Even though the next photo doesn't meet the Pure Florida standard for sharpness or exposure, it does give a hint of how spectacular these males are when they are really showing off.

Yo baby!
Check me out!

I could float and watch these fish for hours, but at the time I had already spent about 2 hours underwater and the shallows were colder than the main spring depths on this chilly spring day.

So, reluctantly, I hauled myself out and left the bluefins to their wonderful courting rituals.
I will try and get back in there while they are all feeling so randy, and maybe, just maybe, put some better phishphotos up for you Pure Florida fans.


robin andrea said...

Wow, those male Bluefin killifish are quite spectacular, like the fish version of the macaws in Costa Rica. I'm blown away by the colors. Awesome.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Omigosh who knew?!? Never even heard of a Bluefin Killifish. They put fancy guppies to shame. Trust they're native, or our FC would have given us an exotic advisory. Please do go back and snoop on them again! Also got a snort out of the snorkel selfie. Har!

Dani said...

Can they live in brackish water?

threecollie said...

So pretty!

R.Powers said...

Yes native!
I think these are pretty fresh Dani, but FL has a bunch of estuarine killis.

Deb said...

Beautiful fish! We have banded killifish in some of our less-disturbed lakes around here. They are not quite as spectacular as this though.